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Fan Feng Shui: the value and the activation of the amulet.

Myth of the fan of Feng Shui

Chinese Mythology has it that a fan was brought to the ground, and the mighty goddess of wind power.Descending from the sky, the goddess of the wind - Nemiza - went long on this earth, and saw that a lot of people on our planet suffer.Her heart was filled with sympathy for the people.And so even as it help them, she gave them a magic fan.And ever since every person who needed help, it was enough to just swing it like a fan to create a breeze.This meant a request for help from the goddess of wind.

history fan of feng shui

But they see the history of fan experts of feng shui.Back in the second millennium BC, when the emperor ruled the U-Van, the first fans, they were then called - webs.Then there were smaller fans, they were round with a long handle.After a short time, these fans have also appeared in Japan.

Folding and compact fan appeared in China only in the X century, that's when fans began to be used not only as decoration but also as talismans.The Japanese have in

vented such a fan in the VII century.The basis of this fan are thin plates that were cut from the bone of tortoise shell or wood.These plates were connected with paper, parchment or cloth.Mainly used silk.

Japan was considered a fan to this day is considered to be the most important attribute of clothes.From the very onset of the fan were used only by men.Even the war in the zone next to the weapons hung fan.Then the fan was used to transmit signals.

At the beginning of the X century began to use the fan only aristocrats.Fans began to be made from bamboo.These bamboo sticks connected by a paper which is characterized by high density.Painted by hand and only fan ink.

to fan was not just an attribute of clothing and adornment, it drew flowers, animals, birds, landscapes.The main thing that all the drawings were with positive energy.

So, let's sum up: the fan should be used, if you feel the lack of positive energy, if you have a depressed mood, and a lack of energy.

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