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Candles Feng Shui : the colors of candles and their meaning .In what areas is better to light a candle.Cleansing space using candles

If you feel that the relationship with your partner are not the best way, or children kicking out of hand, then lit a candle in the southwest, to help normalize these aspects in your life.

If you need to succeed in your career, then purple, blue or red candle lit in the South, will help you achieve the fame and success.

to disperse stagnant energy Qi, lighting candles at least twice a week, in difficult places such as corners of rooms.To increase the influence of the earth on your home, it is recommended to light a candle to two times a week in the north-east of the house or room.

If the relationship with your loved ran chill, then Feng Shui experts recommend light a red candle in the southwest area in the bedroom, but do not overdo it.

White candles can be lit in all areas and in those areas where you want to create an atmosphere of freshness and purity.

But to clean the whole house of negative energy, not enough to light the candles.To cleanse the space needed to carry out a special ritual by a


Cleansing space using candles

Cleansing space using candles is best to start at the front door.You have to be fully relaxed.You need to feel your body, your arms and legs, his breath.Listen to your feelings.Stay in this state for as long as your intuition tells you.When you feel that "fly away", then clearly specify in their subconscious what you want.For example: "Let my house will always love, joy and kindness", and then light a candle and staring into the center of the fire, imagining that the light from the flame expands and embraces you.

hold a candle need to have their chest, thus you connect your inner power with the power of fire.Then, slowly lift the candle above his head and calls the light get into your home and light it.After that, the lower the spark back to the center of the chest, then light the fire left and right sides.Thus, you get a cross that will protect and save your house.So go around all the places where, in your opinion, need cleansing.

Well, if you put your trust intuition and everything you do spontaneously.Your movements should be smooth and soft, reminiscent of dance with candles.

And finally, I want to give one piece of advice: always, as soon as you light the candle, a few minutes sit in silence and watch the fire.This will help you clear your mind and soul from all negative energy.

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