Preparations and charges for cleaning the lungs

expectorant drugs that were used before, stimulated receptors of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and facilitate the movement of mucus mechanically, but in recent years the use of new drugs that alter the fluidity of mucus, reducing its stickiness and significantly facilitate its removal.All the drugs are removed from the lungs phlegm, can be divided into 2 groups: one stimulates expectoration, while others phlegm, do not allow it to bind to and close up the airways, improve its turnover - such medicines called mucolytics.

preparations for cleansing the lungs

drug Ambroxol (Mucosolvan) , reduces the viscosity of mucus and increases the production of surfactant - a substance through which the pulmonary alveoli - bubbles containing breathable lightweight air - are in good condition, do not fall off and do not stick together.Sticking alveoli during respiration causes an accumulation of fluid in them muddy - exudate;This liquid contains a lot of harmful and unnecessary - blood cells and e

lements of other cells, proteins and microbes, so that the alveoli are deformed and heavily polluting light.Ambroxol makes it easy to clean itself, actively removes phlegm, relieves swelling and inflammation, improves metabolism in lung tissue.

Another effective drug - Acetylcysteine ​​, also liquefies phlegm - even the most viscous, has expectorant and detoxifying action.The range of applications is wide enough at it: it helps not only in acute and chronic pulmonary diseases, but also cleans the airways after operations and injuries - hence it can be considered as a means to cleanse the lungs, but should not be used without consulting a doctor.Available Acetylcysteine ​​as a solution for inhalation, but most people know better than its other form - ACC, the drug in the form of granules or effervescent tablets - they are inside, soluble in water.

Gedeliks - herbal drug , produced in the form of drops and syrup.We can assume it universal: it helps and infants, and smokers with the experience - its constituent components of phlegm, stimulates the activity of the bronchi and their expansion.Sputum moves through bronchi, from the periphery to the center, and is rapidly cleared from the lungs;essential oils contained in the product, reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria.

Gvayfenezin - in the US it is called Tussin, and in England - Coldrex Broncho - also stimulates the production of surfactant, thereby making the phlegm less sticky and viscous;In addition, it has anxiolytic effects - relieves anxiety, reduces anxiety and relieves fear.Appointed as in pulmonary diseases, and to clean the lungs - before surgery, after surgery, and in other cases.

simple and well-known drug - Mukaltin : it is affordable and inexpensive, but doctors prescribe it even for complex diseases of the lungs, where the sputum viscous and difficult to separate.Composition Mukaltin simple - it polysaccharides Marshmallow known plant cough remedies, sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid.The drug causes the cilia to move more actively epithelial tissue, which is lined inside the bronchi, increases motor activity of the bronchi and liquefies phlegm.To clean the lungs, he can come, but if they are literally "crammed" with dirt, require stronger medications.

Mukaltin In addition, you can buy in a drugstore and other drugs on the basis of marshmallow root - they all have anti-inflammatory and expectorant action, reduce the viscosity of mucus and purified light: it is the root of marshmallow syrup, dry extract, nursing fees and medicines for children.Sodium benzoate

known not only as a pharmaceutical preparation, but also as a food additive - it is often used in the food industry.Assign it often with other expectorants - in the form of medicine, but if the problem is not too advanced, you can use it separately - contraindications to its use almost none, except for the individual characteristics of the organism.

combined drug cleansing light

Usually expectorant drugs are prescribed along with other drugs, but now there are a combination of drugs - the range of their activities is much wider than the pills and potions, to which we are accustomed.

Ascoril drug produced by the Indian producer - in the form of tablets and syrup, and is indicated for many problems: it comprises bromhexine, salbutamol and guaifenesin.Bromhexine is well known in Russia as a drug, phlegm and promotes its rapid discharge of;He, like many expectorants, improves the production of surfactant, which protects against the harmful effects of the alveoli and the inner surface of the lungs.

Salbutamol dilates the bronchi and relieves spasms;guaifenesin action described above.Ascoril syrup contains menthol - it also relieves spasms and expands bronchial tubes, gently stimulates the secretion of sputum, has an antiseptic effect and restores the mucous membranes.This preparation a lot of good reviews, but it also has side effects and contraindications, so it should appoint a doctor - but, like all medicines, which are mentioned here.

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