Boudreau hederacea

growth and development Boudreau hederacea

Boudreau fact, evergreen, herbaceous plant .Based on the foregoing, it requires special conditions of detention.

  • light mode.
    Glekoma need natural light.It should be a bright diffused light, in other words - the penumbra.If you got variegated forms, it should ensure a more intense light conditions.The best place to put Boudreau variegated in the room are the south-eastern, south-western and southern windows.In summer, you need to make the plant more often on fresh air, but avoid contact with the culture of direct sunlight.
  • Heat mode.
    Boudreau hederacea prefer not very high temperature, even in summer.The optimal variant of the thermal regime during the period of active growth +18 + 20º.In the winter requires coolness even more - up to + 5º.This room should be properly lit.
  • Humidity.
    Optimally moderate content in the room atmosphere of water vapor.To do this, have not often, but from time to time to spray Boudreau hederacea lukewarm, to
    defend water from the sprinkler.
  • capacity and quality of the substrate.
    Take planting pot small size.The substrate is prepared as follows: Mix 4 hours. Turf, 2 hr. Of leaf 2 hours. Humus 1 hour. Sand.The soil should always be fresh, with the addition of expanded clay.Boudreau hederacea In principle you can use any flower sufficiently moist soil.
Boudreau hederacea
Photo: Boudreau hederacea

Care Boudreau hederacea

Boudreau hederacea - a great lover of water .This is a big reason need watering Boudreau hederacea from early spring to mid-autumn.It is recommended to ensure that the substrate was kept in a humidified state.However, this does not mean that it should be wet.In the fall reduce watering, transferred to a moderate regime.In winter, it is generally limited: once a week is enough.Not in cold water the plant can not.

But fertilizing winter really be superfluous.They are very useful and relevant with the onset of spring when the flora is entering a phase of rapid growth and development.Fertilize the soil under Boudreau be until August, you have to use complex fertilizer for decorative-deciduous plants.The frequency of the procedure - once a month.From October to February dressing glekomy also produce, but even rarer: every 6-8 weeks, using half strength.

spring shoots should be cut Boudreau hederacea to form a bush.Was the result slips will not be useless: they can be used as material for reproduction.

Transplanted plants as needed.Adult specimens of the substrate and change the pot is needed every two years.Apply a substrate consisting of humus, leaf and turf land and sand.Components are taken in the ratio 2: 2: 4: 1.Do not be amiss to add to the soil mix a bit of expanded clay.

Propagated plant seeds and rooted cuttings.Seeds are sown in spring or autumn.To enable to obtain offspring shoots them matured, you need to put in a container of water;As an option - to place for rooting in the wet sand.A few days later the cuttings will acquire roots.Propagated plants thus also in autumn and spring.

Boudreau hederacea - very hardy culture in relation to diseases and pests.However, insects are still able to damage the plant.This is mainly aphids, whitefly.Certain problems also occur due to improper watering.

Glekoma, as mentioned above, healing culture.In herbal medicine used buds and flowers of the plant.Glekome the power of a positive impact on digestion, metabolism, stop bleeding, relieve pain.Boudreau hederacea used for ailments such as colds, scrofula, gout, skin rashes, malaria and asthma.Having settled Glek in the apartment or the garden, you will get a family doctor!