Feng Shui

Figures in Feng Shui: the value numbers of feng shui

number five: the value of feng shui

This figure is under the patronage of Jupiter.And associated with the extension.The apartment is at number five, you can make a great home library.In this house or apartment is well uzhivutsya policy and the people who are engaged in science and other things that are able to unite and rally the people a common goal or idea.It is possible that this may be the union of spiritually.The owners of this house will always want to travel, learn and discover something new and unknown.

suitable color for this apartment - purple.A decoration of the house can serve as telescopes, globes, and those things that you brought from afar.Do not let anger get up above you, otherwise it can lead to irreversible consequences.

number six: the importance of feng shui

This apartment or a house are under the influence and patronage of Venus.This place is made for love and relaxation.This one will often gather friends to have fun and just relax.Themselves owners - good people, good.They

have a very good taste, they know how to make your home comfortable and cozy.They love to cook and they is not bad at it.Otherwise, the house can live and kicker, but the situation at home and the atmosphere is befitting.

The atmosphere of the house is dominated by furniture and fluffy carpets.For registration apartments are best suited brown, peach and skin tones.In this house you can often find a cat and a dog, as well as many plants.Tenants of the house often draws a walk in the woods or go on a picnic - do not deny yourself those little weaknesses.

number seven: the importance of feng shui

Above this apartment dominates Saturn.Here, your life will be a test!To live in this apartment too hard.You will constantly tormenting hunger, cold, or stuffy.On the heels would go all sorts of troubles.But on the other hand, this place is good to master their profession and some skill.If a person who lives in this house does not feel the need to sit in silence and think he will get a forced restriction of mobility in the form of diseases of the joints, spine, etc.

favorable color for this room is dark blue.This house is good for yoga, Hatha-Yoga, relaxation and even hold starvation.

figure eight: the importance of feng shui

dominant planets house or apartment with the number eight - Uranus.In this apartment, people will feel at ease.Those who have lived here people are capable of mutual assistance and different surprises.This is a place for meeting friends and new acquaintances.It is very good to start new things, make new claims.Astrologers, clairvoyants and all the people with abnormal features will feel here organically and conformal.But the pragmatists and materialists there is not nothing good awaits.All their plans are crumbling and deeds will be one mess.The windows in the house must be kept clean, and be careful with electrical appliances.

number nine: the importance of feng shui

This apartment is under the influence of Neptune.It - also a difficult the apartment number seven.If you are not working oilman, priest or psychic, then you are waiting for the difficulties and troubles.Possible dependence on alcohol or cigarettes.Needful Things as if disappearing from under the hand at the most inopportune moment.Chance of insomnia and mental problems.Be careful with poison and other harmful substances.

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