Red vegetables.

red vegetables


What beetroot helps treat cancer, confirmed by real-life example .A terminally ill man who was sent home to die with a diagnosis of "cancer", returned after six months in the hospital with obvious improvements in health status.Later, he and all recovered.When the doctor asked him how he did it, the man replied that he wanted a red beet.He makes it a salad and ate every day.Thus, the body itself suggested a way of healing the sick.However, this valuable properties of this vegetable does not end there.In red beet contains betaine a lot.This substance neutralizes gomotsistenn, an amino acid that causes the development of cardiovascular diseases.

also beet contains a lot of iron, iodine, vitamins, antioxidants and rare vitamin U, which helps normalize the functioning of the digestive system.Beetroot is useful for everybody.In children, it improves digestion, helps women easier to survive the critical days, and men with regular eating this vegetable increases the potency and muscle activity.

red vegetables

Red cabbage

Use red cabbage known since ancient times .For example, in ancient Rome, this vegetable juice drink for tuberculosis.Modern scientists have found that red cabbage - a powerful source of vegetable protein .Due to this, it promotes the production of amino acids in the body, which are necessary for the normal functioning kidney, thyroid and krovetvoritelnogo process.

This vegetable contains high amounts of vitamin K and U. Last help cure stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.Red cabbage is rich in vitamin C, and there are lots of vitamins B, D, PP, A and H.

This cabbage is often recommended to have people with diabetes and obesity .It is very high in fiber, but no starch and sucrose.A large amount of fiber in the diet has a beneficial effect on intestinal function.Also in this vegetable a lot of selenium, which makes red cabbage products required to maintain immunity.

vegetables are rich in anthocyanins and sweet smells.These substances fight free radicals, radiation, leukemia and even tuberculosis bacteria.

red vegetables

Radish Radish is rich in fiber, pectin and minerals .Also, it has a lot of iron, which promotes the development of blood cells and helps to improve the hemoglobin.This mineral is contained in the radish in a form easy to assimilate.From vitamins is particularly rich in vegetable vitamins B1, B2, C and PP.Of course, cabbage, currants and oranges are many more.However, a bunch of radishes on the content of vitamin C replaces the half-lemon, ten plums or three tomato.This is half of the daily requirement for vitamin C. Also radish helps to strengthen the appetite.It consists of enzymes that are beneficial for digestion of protein foods and speed up metabolism.It is useful for people suffering from diabetes or obesity.

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