Herbs, tablets and music, soothing nerves

as soothing seasonings can be used sesame, coriander (seeds), nutmeg, rosemary, fennel, thyme and others.

herbs, soothing nerves

decoctions and infusions of many medicinal plants are used to calm the nerves the most.

can just brew the grass instead of the usual tea, and drink a tea in the morning, afternoon and evening.In the cup boiling water 1 tablespoon take the necessarydry grass Leonurus or lemon balm, mint leaves, valerian root and chamomile flowers.All of these plants have a calming effect, and tea from them can alternate - for example, drink mint tea in the morning, and at night - chamomile or melissovy.

decoction of the bark of Viburnum prepared as follows: dry bark crushed, pour 1 tbspraw materials cup of boiling water, and cook 5 minutes, covered.Then insist 20 minutes, strain and take 4 times a day, 1 tablespoonbefore eating - broth helps with irritability, nervous disorders, headaches and insomnia.Keep it may be in the refrigerator, but every 2 days is necessary to prepare a new one.

Coriander seeds not only added to the dish - they prepare a soothing herbal teas and alcohol tinctures.The broth reduces the excitability of the nervous system: pour cup boiling water 1 tspcrushed seed is heated for 15 minutes in a water bath, and then pushing another 40 minutes and filtered.Take 2 tbsp4 times per day.Alcohol tinctures infused 2-3 weeks;a crushed seeds can add chopped dried leaves and flowers of coriander.The mixture is poured alcohol 1:10 and put in a dark place.The temperature should be room temperature.Ready infusion filter and take 1 tbspbefore meals, three times a day.

tablets, soothing nerves

Of pharmaceutical drugs are the most popular tablet valerian .After the first of their admission can feel safer, but to the effect was persistent, they must take a course.Although valerian tablets are considered safe, they can not take more than the dosage and uncontrollably - it all has to decide a doctor.With an overdose of valerian reaction of the body can be the opposite - instead of calming the nervous system is excited, or appear nausea, or vomiting;It may also slow down the reaction.

Glycine - is also quite safe pharmaceutical drug .He cites not only the rate of metabolism, but also the processes of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system, removes emotional stress and helps the brain to step up their thinking ability.

Through advertising, we've long known persen : it reduces nervous irritability and copes with irritability, and does not cause drowsiness as glycine, although some contraindications to its reception is still available - for example, a tendency to low blood pressure.

drug Novopassit positioned as soft and soothing, relieves irritability and anxiety, and restore peace of mind.It is also referred to as safe and nontoxic, and it is so - it has no adverse effect on health, but you can not take it all.Although the summary says that drowsiness and lethargy it does not cause, here are all individually, so, if the work is related to the concentration of attention, it is better not to take;It should not take it, and the drivers of any vehicles.

music calms the nerves

and folk remedies and pills to help calm your nerves, but better start with a relaxing and soothing music - here is certainly no side effects and contraindications.Influence of music on the human psyche studied by scientists for a long time, but until now it was not possible to understand the impact to the end, and hardly ever succeed.Music can do wonders - in the history of many examples of this, but we want to know about its calming effect.Experts say a few classical works: "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky's waltzes, "Ave Maria" by Schubert, "Italian Concerto" by Bach, "Dreams" Schumann - if desired this and other classical music is not hard to find.But calm your nerves can not only classic: Many psychotherapists recognize that a calming effect on the nervous system may cause some people even rock music - of course, this applies to the music of well-known performers.Any music that is uplifting, and, hence, reduces stress, can be used as therapy for nervous disorders: someone to help music from classical operas and operettas, someone - from popular musicals and cartoons.

In medical practice the works of different composers and different music genres are used to treat migraine headaches, neurosis, high blood pressure, insomnia, epilepsy, gastritis, and even to remove the alcohol and tobacco dependence.

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