Egg yolk: structure, benefits and contraindications

In addition, there is a version that cholesterol itself is not what is not harmful - it replaces the lack of calcium in the blood.Our intelligent organism itself regulates the processes in which the lack of some substances replaced by others.And when a person does not provide your body with calcium, the walls of blood vessels become brittle and can "break."They literally can appear holes because they are thinner.And then it comes to the aid of vessels cholesterol - as if he were "glued up" the places where vessels could burst.True, the vessels are narrowed, but this is payment for what the body is not all right.And we are still frightened by the fact that cholesterol narrows blood vessels.You just need to understand that in the body there is nothing accidental - it is a very clever self-healing system, which is fighting to the last, although we treat it just ugly.And the reason for excess cholesterol is not that a person eats too much fatty food or egg yolk and that its power is not balanced, and the b

ody simply has to "protect" from his negligent owner.

It is possible that soon the traditional approach to egg yolk will change, and we will eat eggs more often than it is now recommended by nutritionists.However, for healthy people, and such bans do not exist.

Use egg yolk

in egg yolk are quite a few vitamins, and chief among them - vitamin B12 .This vitamin, bringing energy and vitality - from a person becomes alert and mobile.In addition, it is given to children when they lost appetite.Vitamin A is formed in the yolk carotene, as evidenced by the yellow color.This vitamin good vision in the first place.He also prevents the aging process and prevents the formation of cancer cells.Not much, but still present in the yolk vitamins PP, B1, B2, E and D, which have beneficial effects on the entire human body.As you can see, the egg yolk is rich in vitamins, and this makes it a very useful product especially for baby food.

Egg yolk

Among other substances, which are in the yolk, it may be noted as phosphorus, which helps to keep in perfect condition the teeth and gums, and he took an active part in all the physiological reactions in the body.There are also selenium, which belongs to the category of antioxidants.These are substances that protect us from harmful environmental effects - smoke, exhaust fumes, radiation, pesticides and other environmental troubles.Choline substance needed to maintain normal operation of the cardiovascular system, and it feeds the nerve cells is therefore useful for the nervous system.Choline is greater in the crude yolk.

substance melatonin has been actively involved in the rejuvenation of the body, as well as in building new cells, so it is very good for your skin and hair.The substance lutein helps prevent cataracts and improve eyesight, because it counteracts the occurrence of eye diseases.

Recipes for beauty

with egg yolk can make a lot of useful recipes that do not require special ingredients .For example, many known recipe for washing oily hair egg yolk , when it is mixed with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and add to the mixture of 1 tablespoon of carrot and lemon juice.Mass thoroughly whipped, and then wash it down.This recipe helps with hair loss.

Helps yolk and dry skin when it is added to the pulp of a ripe banana, mashed thoroughly, and 1 tbsp.a spoonful of sour cream.The stirred mass kept on the face for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water.The skin after this mask is very soft and gentle.

Basically, egg yolk can be mixed with any chopped vegetables or berries , to get the perfect nourishing mask for dry skin.

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