The island of Sumatra.

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Another attraction Medan - Istana Maimon is , which means "Palace of the Sultan."This building is like a small copy of the city - a huge structure, made in a slightly chaotic colorful style.Surrounds Palace spacious green lawn, reminiscent of English meadows.However, rows of palm trees do not give too much to the imagination run wild and bring us back to reality.In the middle of the lawn is worth building, which formed the basis for the style of the Italian Rococo.Here you can see the familiar black domes and arches air with complex designs.But the colors are quite different than at the mosque Raya.Cheerful ocher-orange color is everywhere in the decoration of the palace.Many arches, terraces, pavilions and towers merging into a single intricate composition.This is the Istana Maimon - another symbol of the island of Sumatra, a colorful, chaotic and exotic.

This is the most impressive sights of the city of Medan.You can also view the Protestant Church of the Savior Emma

nuel Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Chinese Temple Vihara Gunung Timur.Explore the history and culture of honey you can in a museum Bukit Cuba.

Nature Sumatra

how poor Sumatra cultural and historical sights, so rich in its nature.If you stopped at the island during the tour, do not waste time on mosques and museums, analogues of which can be found on any other island.


Go directly to the Toba supervolcano damped .This legendary place, which at the time played a role in the fate of the entire planet.Researchers report that about 70 thousand years ago, the Toba volcano erupted.It was so strong that the ash enveloped the entire planet, weakening the penetration of sunlight and trigger an ice age.At this time, the diversity of flora and fauna fell dramatically, many species have become extinct simply.

changes affected every continent.Some scientists believe that up to that time the population of the earth with millions of people left after the eruption of from 3 to 10 thousand.Now this place is considered the most beautiful on the island.The crater was formed a beautiful lake, which attracts tourists from all over the world.On the way to Lake Toba is worth looking at the waterfall Sipisopiso.View of the Falls is truly grand.The flow of water rushing through the upper plateau with a roar covers the distance of 120 meters and falls into the bay.By the foot of the falls you can go down a winding concrete stairs.But it is worth considering that the rise of the reverse under the scorching sun - is not easy.In the middle of Lake Toba Samosir island rises.Island in the island - in itself a surprising phenomenon.But even more interesting is the local people.Batak live in their own unhurried pace.It seems like ages here nothing has changed.Adults working in the fields and gardens, feed the livestock, mend nets and smoked fish directly under the scorching sun.Swarthy kids running around wherever they want.For tourists spend here the whole presentation with traditional songs and dances.Most Samosir like photographers.You can make unique frames, sun-drenched and local flavor.

In the northern part of Sumatra is a huge park Gunung Lucero.It is the largest national park in the whole of Southeast Asia.In the thickets of tropical forests are thousands of different birds and monkeys - macaques, gibbons, orangutans and many others.If you're lucky, you can see leopards, Sumatran tigers, rhinos and elephants.Fans of extreme kinds of rest can take a ten-day climb Mount Lucero or Loser or kayaking on the river Whampoa.

If you love all the unusual, visit the park Kerins-Seblat.In the midst of the dense jungle is a formidable volcano Keris.To climb to the crater it will have to spend at least two days.But the conductor can be found right in the local population.Also, for a small fee you can conduct to places where there are exotic plants.Rafflesia - it is the largest flower in the world.And here is the highest growing flowers - Amorphophallus.Admire the size and color of these exotic colorings places only one thing - their terrible smell, which they spread around the meter.


These sites - only a small part of the beauty of the island of Sumatra, which are worth seeing.Here you can relax, and in the silence, and go fishing at the lake, and to make the whole journey to the wild and untouched corners of the island.

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