Condiments and spices: variety.

Daikon.Properties, use, storage and recipes with daikon

Spice ajwain: structure, properties and applications

daikon - a Japanese root vegetable.He reminds us familiar radishes, but this vegetable is usually bigger, it has a mild flavor.Daikon has a very low caloric value.At the same time only 300 grams of this root would be enough to make up for the daily requirement of vitamin C. Daikon can output radiation from the body ... & gt; & gt;

spice ajwain: structure, properties and applications

Spice ajwain: structure, properties and applications

ajwain found mainly used in cooking.He has a sharp spicy flavor and spicy aroma.Ajwain is part of a mixture of spices, which we know under the name of "curry".Also with him is marinated vegetables and mushrooms are added to the sauce.The cooks are advised to buy as much as ajwain seeds.Just before cooking they should fry ... & gt; & gt;

spice cloves.Composition, use and properties of cloves

Spice cloves.

Carnation - it's quite common spice.Clove has a pungent taste and strong aroma.It can be bought in the form of buds, but most stores are sold to grind cloves.It is used i

n the preparation of various dishes, and sometimes in the treatment of certain diseases.In a lot of clove clove essential oil ... & gt; & gt;

Cinnamon.The composition, use, treatment and use of cinnamon


In cooking, use of cinnamon is very common.It gives a special taste to any sweet dish.She added to various desserts, cakes and, of course, drinks.Often, cinnamon is used in cosmetics.We know that it is an excellent and rejuvenating tonic for the skin.To prepare mask with cinnamon ... & gt; & gt;

Curried: composition, impact on health and curry favor.Curry in cooking

Curried: composition, impact on health and curry favor.

Curry is a carefully selected combination of spices and used in the preparation of many dishes, making digestion more active and improving the tone of the whole organism.A tea with the addition of curry even promote weight loss.Curry seasoned rice dishes, vegetable stews, salad with chicken, meat dishes, etc ... & gt; & gt;

seasoning coriander (cilantro) properties of the composition.The use cilantro in cooking

Seasoning coriander ( cilantro ) properties, composition and caloric content of coriander .The use cilantro in cooking.Protipovokazaniya to coriander

Coriander inflames the blood and helps the heart work - it cleans and strengthens blood vessels.It helps with problems with intestinal motility and has choleretic properties, increases appetite.Green coriander gives the dish a fresh aroma and bright taste with a sharp color.Coriander seeds enrich dishes woody fragrance ... & gt; & gt;

Cardamom: extract and use.The composition and useful properties of cardamom

Cardamom : extract and use .The composition and caloric content of the useful properties of cardamom .cardamom Seasoning

Today, cardamom is used in treatment of many diseases.It is used as an antiseptic;to strengthen the stomach;pain in the abdomen;coughing.As a spice, cardamom quite sharp, so they should not be abused.However, most of cardamom is used in the preparation of baking and pastry ... & gt; & gt;

Vanilla: the useful properties and applications.Vanilla culinary

Vanilla: the useful properties and applications.

vanilla extract improves digestion, relieves pain, reduces inflammation and prevents the spread of infections.The scent of vanilla is not only relaxes the body but also relieves tension.Bath with oil vanilla evokes sensuality.In cooking vanilla commonly added to sweets and pastries ... & gt; & gt;

Basil: composition, application, properties and treatment (prescriptions).The juice of basil

Basil : composition, use , properties, and treatment ( recipes) .The juice of basil .Contraindications to the use of basil

For external use anti-inflammatory and antibacterial observed properties of basil.Basil is very effective in the treatment and prevention of colds, anemia and vitamin deficiency.Basil - a good tonic, used in the restoration of physical and emotional strength.Basil is considered to be an aphrodisiac ... & gt; & gt;

Wasabi: good, healing properties and effects on the body condiment wasabi

Wasabi: good, healing properties and effects on the body condiment wasabi.

real wasabi can really be called a miracle: without a doubt, it kills disease-causing microbes, helps with asthma, anemia, and even used in the treatment of cancer.The sharp taste of wasabi not only kills the parasites, but also neutralizes the action of some toxic substances, improves the stomach and digestion ... & gt; & gt;

Anis: composition, use and treatment of anise.The spice star anise.Anisette

Anis : composition of seeds , the use and treatment of anise .The spice star anise .Anisette : prescription and use

smell of anise can not be confused with anything.This tart at the same time a pleasant aroma attracted the attention of winemakers, chefs and pharmacists.Primarily anise - a spice.The most valuable part of anise - a seed.Anise is widely used in folk medicine and modern pharmacists anise used in their design ... & gt; & gt;

Bergamot: effect on people.Bergamot in perfumes and cosmetics

Bergamot : effects on human and treatment of useful properties .Bergamot in perfumes and cosmetics.Tea with bergamot

Bergamot has medicinal properties, and therefore its use in medicine.Bergamot used in the treatment of viral and colds.It relieves spasms and soothes, improves digestion.Bergamot often grown to produce essential oil.Bergamot oil is used in the treatment of skin infections and acne ... & gt; & gt;

Turmeric: useful properties and composition.Treatment turmeric

Turmeric : useful properties , composition, use and contraindications.Treatment of turmeric .Turmeric in medicine and cooking

Turmeric has a wealth of chemical composition, very useful for our body.Turmeric is often used in folk medicine to treat a variety of ailments.In the industrial production of turmeric used for the production of alcohol, beverages and confectionery.Turmeric is often serves as a natural colorant for cheese ... & gt; & gt;

Barberry: useful and medicinal properties.Barberry in cooking

Barberry : useful properties .Treatment barberry : folk remedies .Barberry in cooking : spice barberry

Barberry - is melliferous and medicinal plant.Thanks pectins barberry is able to rid the body of toxins.The most useful in barberry - is bark.Any means of barberry do not give any side effects and is well tolerated by all people.Not to mention the properties of barberry as a seasoning ... & gt; & gt;

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