Havana: attractions, nature, recreation and tourism

Health and Beauty Tourism

among animals is particularly rich in marine Havana residents .Studies say that its coast is home to about 700 different species of fish and shellfish.Many here and tropical birds, which sometimes just color attracts the eye.If you're lucky, in the vicinity you can see the little bird in the world - the bee hummingbird.Its weight is only 2 grams.But among insects is found quite a few, which can cause harm to humans.It is feared malarial mosquitoes and sand fleas.

Lovers of exotic vegetation should visit the center Soroa.It is located nearly 100 km from Havana.There are bred various species of orchids.Now the collection has about 4 thousand species of flowers.

To the west of Havana, Vinales Valley is surrounded by mountains .Inside, it also has some mountains that are called "Mogotes".This is truly an amazing sight.View of the valley come many tourists, so there are plenty of tourist complexes.Visitors can go sightseeing in the caves, combined into a single system and is

a very bizarre manifestation of nature.


Recreation and Tourism in Havana

Havana attracts thrill-seekers from around the world .Imagine a combination of massive buildings of the colonial period and the shack with peeling paint, vintage cars and dry, but strong in the old dilapidated clothes.This town is filled with amazing energy, describe the feelings that arise when looking at its streets, you can not.Here is the place for people who prefer active relaxation.However, Havana - it is quite a safe city, the tourist police are everywhere.At night the city sleeps, its streets are filled with strollers.At this time, the music here does not cease, and the Cuban rum flows like water.

Some misguided, considering that Havana beaches suitable for swimming.This is not true.The town is surrounded by the sea, but at its bottom grows "shark teeth" - a very sharp coral.Also, you can meet the poisonous jellyfish and sea urchins.But about an hour's drive from the city has good beaches with white sand and clear water.Especially popular beach Bacuranao.Lovers of a relaxing vacation is better to go to Varadero or Santa Maria.For scuba diving (snorkeling and diving), better place than the beach of El Salado, is not found.

Shopping in Havana is very exotic character .Change dollars into local currency is not necessary.Where all the shops are divided into two types - for locals and tourists.The first is very reminiscent of Soviet stores with the meager assortment, goods are sold for pesos.Shops with goods for tourists are referred to as «INTUR tiendas».

If you want to bring Cuba something outlandish, should look to national percussion instruments - bongos and tumbadora.You can buy a shirt that there are officials.It's called guayabera.Of course, we should not overlook the rum and cigars.For cigars is better to go to the store Real Fabrica de Tobacco Partagas.This shop is located on the first floor of a tobacco factory.They produce and sell the best Cuban cigars.Other examples of local crafts can be seen in the market of handicrafts, which is located on Cathedral Square, and closed on Saturdays.