Smelt fish: characteristics, benefits and harms, calorie


Silver smelt fish, smelling of fresh cucumbers, no different large size, but it may call it tasteless except those who do not like fish and not eat.But even the "no fans" recognize that, among other species, known in our country and loved by connoisseurs, smelt a special place ... & gt; & gt;

Whitefish: benefit, calorie, and how to cook at home


Whitefish - gray-blue fish with silvery sides, the size of a very small, but in Russia it know for a long time.About extraction of vendace is well known from the XV century and in the XVII century it became known as the "royal herring" - it is really a bit like a herring.Calorie whitefish when its usefulness and taste is very low - 45-88 kcal ... & gt; & gt;

Peipsi whitefish: property and value

Peipsi whitefish

Of course, we are interested in the practical benefits of whitefish, its nutritional value and composition.Calorie Peipsi whitefish, as well as other species of this genus, is not very high - about 90 kca

l per 100 grams, with a significant portion of his meat make quality proteins - there are about 18%.At the same time the meat and fats rich whitefish ... & gt; & gt;

fish whitefish: the use, properties and recipes

Fish, whitefish

fish whitefish not is large, but it is considered a delicacy views: whitefish is not cheap - 400-700 rubles per 1 kg, and buy it is not so easy.Whitefish - fish of salmon, whitefish sorts;he is considered the closest relative of the famous omul.The nutritional value of whitefish is largely due to the high fat content ... & gt; & gt;

Omul: caloric properties, benefits and how to cook omul


Omul - fish of legend, or rather of many legends, talks about the unique lake, the only one of its kind - on Lake Baikal.In Russia, about cisco heard almost everything but his taste few know - at least it was before, when I tried this fish managed to just near the famous lake, or receives it as a gift from friends who have visited ... & gt; & gt;

Silver Salmon: the use of the properties, the damage calorie

Coho: benefits, property damage, calorie

representative of salmon coho different tender, juicy and flavorful meat: baked Coho is considered a delicacy in many expensive restaurants, and kebabs and steaks are obtained from it delightful.With a relatively low calorific value - 140 kcal per 100 grams, meat coho salmon has a rich composition.Coho allowed without exception ... & gt; & gt;

Chinook: composition, use, recipes and cooking

Chinook: composition, use, recipes and cooking

Pacific salmon known among fishermen and chefs for their unique properties and qualities.Fishermen catch them interesting, and no wonder: for example, the size of chinook reach 1-1.5 m, and sometimes - almost 2 m. It can weigh more than 60 kg - to catch a king salmon, you can acquire itself answered by a serious reputation among fellow fishermen ...& gt; & gt;

Sockeye salmon: composition, caloric value, the benefit

Sockeye salmon: composition, caloric value, the benefit

valuable commercial fish sockeye salmon belongs to the family.It is known that salmon are called red fish, but that sockeye can be called so by law, when the fish comes to spawn, it becomes bright red on the outside and her head becomes green, while at other times it is normal for salmon, silver color... & gt; & gt;

Fish trout: the composition and use.How to prepare trout

Fish trout: the composition and use.

include salmon trout fishing can be called a giant: she lives - if possible - more than 30 years, and increasing life.You can not call the composition of trout rich, but it does have something for which so appreciate all kinds of salmon.Calories - although other members of the salmon are known for their calorie taimen in small - only 88 kcal per 100 grams ... & gt; & gt;

Trout.The composition, calories, how to prepare a delicious trout


Describe the appearance and features of trout fish is difficult.This fish, which most ichthyologists relate to mind the noble salmon, exhibits the so-called ecological plasticity - it is constantly changing, evolving, mutating, etc.100 g of brown trout of about 100-105 kcal ... & gt; & gt;

Nelma: composition, calorie content.Fish nelma culinary

Nelma: composition, calorie content.

Fish nelma is not a very large, given the fact that it belongs to a family of salmon.The nutritional properties of white salmon is very high - it contains a number of substances, without which our body can not do.Nelma very nutritious and healthy, it is really delicious ... & gt; & gt;

Inconnu: benefits, how to cook


Inconnu - a rare silver-bluish commercial fish and selling it difficult to meet.Most often it is prepared salmon amuse and meat from her fat and tender, but the taste is very thin.The nutritional value of white fish is high, but the calories in it are not so much - only 88 kcal per 100 g of product.This fish is rich enough in protein ... & gt; & gt;

Scallops: composition, useful properties, how to prepare

Scallops: composition, useful properties, how to prepare

gentle sweet scallop meat is considered a delicacy.This marine animal is familiar to many firsthand.With warm seas we bring small shells, reminiscent of a fan and have a variety of colors.This - the leaf of our scallops.Looking at them, it becomes clear why so called ... & gt; & gt;

Stellate sturgeon.The composition, properties, caloric, cooking sevriuga

Stellate sturgeon

Stellate sturgeon has an attractive appearance.Therefore, it is often served at the table as a whole, baked with vegetables and seasoned with herbs and all sorts of sauces.Her long nose is shaped like a dagger, and on both sides of the convex head grow narrow smooth mustache.But no less noteworthy is the use of this fish.Refers stellate sturgeon mean ... & gt; & gt;

Salmon.The properties benefit harm salmon in cooking


Salmon are quite different.More precisely, under the guise of salmon combine several different types of fish - trout, salmon, chum, pink salmon, trout and others.The meat of this fish has a delicate flavor and a nice pink color with an orange tint.Salmon is an excellent dietary product.There are a lot of proteins, little ... & gt; & gt;

Fish Kaluga: structure, benefits.Kaluga in cooking

Fish Kaluga: structure, benefits.

Kaluga fish belongs to the family of sturgeon, beluga old.This fish is not only entered into the Red Book of Russia, but also in the International Red Book.Meat Kaluga has an interesting composition.Like other sturgeons, 70% of it is water.Quite a bit of fat - up to 10%, but plenty of protein - about 18%.Kaluga caviar - is the most useful part of it ... & gt; & gt;

Fish beluga.The composition, properties, recipes with beluga

Fish beluga.

Beluga - is the biggest fish of the sturgeon species.In the history of the biggest beluga it was caught in the lower reaches of the Volga.Her weight was equal to about 1.5 tons.Now it is very rare beluga weighing 1 ton.Usually, their weight does not exceed 250 kg.The meat of beluga is quite stiff and less fat compared to other sturgeon ... & gt; & gt;

Fish spike: composition, properties and caloric

Fish spike: composition, properties and caloric

Fish spike - a kind of sturgeon, which is found only in the southern seas.This fish was singled out as the kind recently.Therefore, scientists are still arguing about its origin.Some say that it is an independent view, others - that it is a cross between the sturgeon and beluga, while others believe that it combines the sturgeon and stellate sturgeon ... & gt; & gt;

fish sturgeon.How to cook sturgeon at home

Sturgeon: the composition, the use of fish, how to cook

usually talk about the benefits of caviar.However, and most of its meat has a rich composition.Sturgeon meat is considered a dietary product, because of its calorie content is only 90 kcal per 100 grams of fish.But the energy value of sturgeon caviar - 203 kcal per 100 grams of product.Sturgeon in cooking is highly appreciated.It is used for real masterpieces ... & gt; & gt;

Sole: structure, benefits and harms fish.Sole in cooking


In trading network Sole can be sold either whole or as fillets.What is useful to the meat of this fish?As part of the sea of ​​language contains a large amount of potassium, phosphorus, fluorine, among the highest content of vitamin C and PP.In general, sole concerns the category of low-calorie (only 88 calories per 100 gr.) ... & Gt; & gt;

Sturgeon: composition and caloric content.How to cook and recipes from starlet

Sturgeon : chemical composition and caloric content of fish sturgeon .How to cook sturgeon .Recipes from the starlet : baked and fried sturgeon

starlet In the meat contains many minerals, and vitamin PP.Caviar and meat starlet rich in omega-3, which are beneficial to brain activity.The best thing to do from a starlet jelly, soup, as well as filling for baked goods.Sturgeon low-calorie - only 88 kcal per 100 g of product.So what can be called a starlet ... & gt; & gt;

Fish flounder: the use of the chemical composition of the flounder.Recipes with flounder

Fish flounder: the use of the chemical composition of the flounder.

The flounder very little fat - up to 3%.Therefore, it is ideal for the diet.That small amount of fat, which is in the fish, easy to digest, without causing any harm.Flounder is a low-calorie products - it has only 83 calories per 100 g of product.The butt a lot of salts of phosphorus, on which depends ... & gt; & gt;

Fish mackerel: composition, caloric properties.Recipes with mackerel

Mackerel : chemical composition , calories , properties and health benefits of mackerel .Recipes with mackerel

Calorie mackerel is quite low - about 200 kcal.While the fat in it about 30g per 100g of product.Not only that, mackerel brings nutrients the human body - it still promotes the synthesis of proteins, the formation of hemoglobin and is involved in the transport of oxygen throughout the body.With mackerel can ... & gt; & gt;

Fish Eel chemical composition and use.The most delicious recipes with eel

Fish Eel chemical composition and use.Recipes with eel : eel soup , baked eel salad with eel

Eel can not be confused with any other fish - it was too similar to a snake, especially the body.It's pretty oily fish, which is very appreciated by connoisseurs of fish dishes.Unsaturated fatty acids in the composition of the blackhead involved in the rejuvenation of cells.Not from what foods have the fame, like fried eel ... & gt; & gt;

Herring: chemical composition, herring roe and milk.Recipe rolmopsov herring

Herring : chemical composition, herring roe and milk .Contraindications to the use of fish herring .Recipe rolmopsov herring

in herring collected most of the periodic table.Herring Calories - 246 kcal.The Japanese have long known about the benefits of herring roe.It contains lecithin, vitamins A, E, D and B, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, and organic compounds which are necessary for the normal development of the organism, for the formation of new ... & gt; & gt;

Fish Chum: calorie and curative properties of chum salmon.Recipes of chum

Chum: composition and nutrients fish chum.

Fish - a product of the sea or rivers, which means that its meat many of the vital energy, which is considered to humans "primary energy".Chum salmon - one of the best sources of animal protein of high quality.The chum salmon have a significant amount of fatty acids (omega-3), which contribute to the rejuvenation of the body.Keta caviar is often called the king's ... & gt; & gt;

fish halibut: the composition and use.Recipes Halibut

Halibut : species composition, calorie content , the use and properties .Contraindications to eat halibut .Halibut Recipes

With regard to the use of halibut, it is certain.This fish is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium.Calorie halibut is 103 kcal per 100g.Halibut - oily fish, so it is necessary to have a caution to people with gastrointestinal problems.Halibut blends well with all vegetables, so a lot of cooking recipes ... & gt; & gt;

Oily fish: composition, properties.Types of oily fish and delicious recipes

Oily fish : composition, useful properties and contraindications .Types of fish oil .Tasty recipes and cooking oil fish

Entitled "oily fish" in the store often sell different fish belonging to different families and genera.Oily fish is useful cores, as well as those who have a lack of protein in the body.Unsaturated fats, which have the properties of rejuvenation of body cells, longer help maintain healthy looking skin, nails and hair ... & gt; & gt;

Pink salmon: properties, caloric, benefits and contraindications for the use

Pink salmon : properties, caloric , benefits and contraindications for the use of pink salmon .The most delicious recipes from fish pink salmon

Pink salmon is useful for those who have a thyroid disease.Pink salmon is good for the circulatory system of the brain.Dishes of pink salmon will help to strengthen overall health.Pink salmon low-calorie, it has only 140 calories, but because of its high protein content (about 60%) achieved rapid saturation of pink salmon dishes ... & gt; & gt;

Fish trout: useful properties, caloric and contraindications.Trout Caviar

Trout : useful properties , caloric and contraindications .Trout Caviar : a useful composition, indications and contraindications.Recipes with fish trout

Those who often eat trout is always in a good mood.Trout is rich in phosphorus, but it is very useful for the brain.Trout Caviar rejuvenates the skin, delay aging and enhance sexual function.Trout did not affect the accumulation of excess kilos - in fact in 100g of the product contains only 208 calories ... & gt; & gt;

Salmon: composition, use, properties and calorie fish.Salmon Caviar

Salmon : structure, benefits and properties .Calorie and contraindications for the use of salmon .Salmon caviar .Recipes Salmon

Red fish is very palatable in any form.And I will be pleased to learn that this fish is also very useful.Salmon does not accumulate a harmful chemical elements, so no harm can ever bring.The Salmon 100g of product contains about 220 calories.It is not much, so the myth about the dangers of salmon for the figure can dispel ... & gt; & gt;

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