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Cities Montenegro

Montenegro must visit three cities - Cetinje, Budva and Podgorica .We can say that each of them is a kind of capital of the country.And yet they are quite different.

Cetinje - is an ancient city founded in the second half of the 15th century .It has long been the capital of Montenegro, and now is considered the cultural center of the country, preserving its rich heritage.Here you can see the attractions Vlasskuyu church built in the mid 15th century, the local monastery, the Theatre Royal and much more.Of particular interest are the old buildings of foreign embassies.Each of them was built in the style.Here you can see examples of French, English, Russian, Austrian and Italian architecture.The printing house Krnoevichey interesting from the point of view of history.We can say that this is the first publishing house of the country.The Cetinje Monastery, built in the 15th century, an ancient library, which stores ancient manuscripts and documents.

Budva - is a tourist town with a population of 10 thousand inhabitants .There are many hotels.Meanwhile, it is an ancient settlement founded around 2500 years ago.On the appearance of Budva influenced different cultures.In ancient times the Greeks lived here, but later the city was conquered by the Romans.The architecture considerably influenced Venetian and Roman styles.Here are three churches.The oldest of them - the Church of St. Ivan - was built in the 7th century.Budva is famous not only monuments but also excellent conditions for recreation.Open nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, many beautiful beaches - what do you need to relax?

Rest in Montenegro would be incomplete without a visit to Podgorica - the capital .Compared to other local towns it's just a giant.Its population exceeds 136,000 people.Near the town are the ruins of the settlement Duclos - the first Slavic state, based on the territory of Montenegro in the 11th century.Attractions Podgorica can be distinguished theaters - National, Municipal Children's and Puppet, museums and galleries.The best works of the Montenegrin fine arts can be seen in the House of Guard of Honor and Petrovitski castle.Of particular interest here is the architecture.In Podgorica, mixed Turkish, European and other styles.Unfortunately, most of the buildings were destroyed by bombing during the Second World War.But the government was not taken aback, and on-site demolished old buildings were built copies.Pleasing to the eye and modern buildings, as well as lovely parks, gardens and monuments.It is difficult to separate the individual beautiful places.All Podgorica - is one big fairy tale.

Monasteries Montenegro

Every nation has its own characteristics.Montenegrins have such a feature is their religion.It came together a few confessions - Orthodoxy, Islam and Catholicism.The indigenous population of the state - the Slavs.So here you can see a huge number of orthodox churches and monasteries.The most significant shrine of the country - is the Cetinje monastery.Where the relics of St. John the Baptist and a part of the cross on which, according to tradition, Jesus Christ was crucified.


to the monastery Moraca all year pilgrims flock from all over the country.It was built over 700 years ago.There were many rulers are buried in Montenegro.The temple itself is striking in its decoration.Visiting worth to pay attention to the frescoes depicting the life and works of various saints.Of particular interest is a series of paintings dedicated to the prophet Elijah.

most famous monastery in Montenegro - Ostrog is , based Orthodox St. Basil of Ostrog.It is called a miracle worker and healer.At the monastery, you can see the vine.She grew up in a place where the saint died.Also of interest is the monastery itself.It is carved into the rock and is located high in the mountains.To get to it you need a steep narrow serpentine.This is an amazing place, which attracts not only pilgrims but also representatives of other faiths who wish to learn about the history of this place and feel the atmosphere of peace.


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