Weak immunity.

The weak immunity also show fatigue and chronic fatigue , skin problems, pain in muscles and joints, frequent digestive disorders and allergic reactions.Allergies, which today are treated the most "advanced" doctors, in most cases, is nothing else but the desire of the immune system to throw the body of all the accumulated dirt: when the cells and intercellular space crammed with toxins, the immune system not only ceases to recognize harmful and useful foodbut its tissue begins to count alien - and then there are diseases called autoimmune.

feverish state for no apparent reason, frequent exacerbation of existing chronic diseases, drowsiness or insomnia may also be due to the extremely weakened immunity - tolerate a situation in any case impossible.

course, symptoms of a weak immune system may be due to serious diseases - we can say that it is a vicious circle - and then the doctor can not do without.To him go in any case it is necessary: ​​to pass all the tests, to be examined - if necessary, be g

iven treatment, but rely on physicians, at least, stupid.

the health we are responsible for ourselves, doctors have only treated when we are sick - so why bring it up?Begin finally take care of themselves, and to start get rid of anything that weakens the immune system and makes us vulnerable to disease.

Catering for a weak immune

Power - the most important factor affecting our health - it is, but all the vitamins and minerals that the body is trying to "stock up for the future," literally poured out of him like an avalanche when we experience a lot of stress.It just seems that in today's life without stress is not enough - in fact, the reasons for serious disorders in life is not so much - fortunately - but most people are used to get upset over nothing.For example, the chief reprimanded at work, the seller in the shop seemed impolite or girlfriend said some taunts - all this is not worth it to loosen its already exhausted body.

Remember that no one can upset you without your consent - in fact we decide how to respond to a particular situation.Do not sit at home after work, watching television, or discussing the trouble with close: try often walk in the fresh air, even if it seems that there is no time, and do not be lazy to care for themselves - when a woman is well-groomed and beautiful, she has little reason for a bad mood.

Power, as already mentioned, is also necessary to establish: Eat a full breakfast - eat cereals, dairy products, drink fresh juices;do not forget about lunch, much less about the dinner - he, too, must be a full, 3-course dinner;Eat dinner as easy, not to make up for all that was lost during the day.Fish and fresh meat must be on the menu, and they should be prepared with vegetables instead of pasta or potatoes.Fresh fruits and vegetables need to eat at least 300-500 grams per day, and do not forget about the products probiotics that contain live lactoflora - yogurt, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, soy products;and prebiotics that feed on the flora - legumes, cereals and other foods rich in dietary fiber.

Recovery of weak immunity

recipe for recovery of weak immunity are many - if desired, you can find dozens: we present here one considered the people to be very effective - part of his rather complicated, and preparation requires some patience, but the disease recede permanently.

be required green shoots of oats, wild rose and a birch mushroom Chaga - 100 grams of dry chamomile flowers, grass lemon balm and horsetail - 20 g herb St. John's wort - 30 grams of leaves cranberries, hawthorn, nettle leaves and grass Yarrow - 50g, wormwood herb - 5, the mixture is poured water (2.5 L), bring to a boil and cook 20 minutes over low heat;removed, wrapped up warmly, and insist 2 hours.The resulting infusion filter, add honey - 300 g, aloe juice - 100 g, and cognac - 200 g, stirred, poured into a glass jar and place in the refrigerator.Accepted 2 times a day, ¼ cup in between meals;or you can drink it in the morning before breakfast and in the evening, 30 minutes after dinner, but not before bedtime.If you start drinking it in the early autumn, and to continue to the very cold weather, the cold and the epidemic will pass over you;If you are still sick, it will transfer the flu or other acute respiratory viral infections in the form of light.

strengthens weak immunity and exercise : must start with small loads, and gradually increase them;Similarly, you can walk - first on short distances, and then to go on and on - even in the city you can find places where the air is relatively clean, but a little machine.

And still should stop experiencing negative emotions: they are extremely dangerous to women's beauty, so it is best to transform them into positive ones - to suppress the emotions are very bad for your health.

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