Nuts and seeds.

Hazelnut.The composition and useful properties of hazelnuts


Hazelnuts - perhaps one of the most popular types of nuts.Hazelnut - a valuable nutritious product that contains a lot of nutrients in a concentrated form.Especially it is rich in vitamin E, known as vitamin of youth.Thanks to him, the cells updated faster, blood vessels become ... & gt; & gt;

Water nut.The composition and use of the water nut

Water nut.

aquatic nut a few names - chilim, rogulnik floating, damn nut.An interesting part of the water nut.It is very nutritious, because about 50% of its pulp starch.Also nut is water, glucose, oils, nitrogenous substances and ashes.Chilim considered one of the best crops.A much protein as there Chilim ... & gt; & gt;

cola nuts: composition, useful properties and applications

Cola nuts: composition, useful properties and applications

particular interest evergreen tree stake are its fruits - nuts.The cola nuts contain water, starch, cellulose, protein, tannins, essential oils, and caffeine.Kola nut - a unique energy stimulant.Cola nuts not only gives vigor an

d eliminates the fatigue, but also perfectly nourishes the body ... & gt; & gt;

Pecans.The composition, use, properties and butter pecan


It looks like a pecan hazelnut or olives.If this nut cleaned from the shell, you can see the fruit, similar to the human brain, or walnut.The taste of pecan as a walnut, but gourmets say that they are much softer and softer.Useful not only are pecans, and oil, which are made of ... & gt; & gt;

Macadamia.Composition, use and properties of macadamia nuts.Macadamia oil


macadamia cost is very high.Price nuts, however, is due not only to their rarity: Macadamia is very useful.Macadamia nuts are very high in calories - 700 calories per 100 g of product.Macadamia oil is very valuable: it is perfectly absorbed by the skin, moisturizes, softens and nourishes it.Macadamia oil used in the treatment of dandruff and other ... & gt; & gt;

Brazil Nuts: where growing, the chemical composition and useful properties

Brazil Nuts: where it grows, the chemical composition and useful properties.

Eating Brazil nuts lowers blood cholesterol levels.Blood sugar is also normal, rejuvenate cells and tissues - in Brazil nuts contain a lot of antioxidants.Of course, all the benefits of Brazil nuts are used in cosmetics for face, body skin and hair ... & gt; & gt;

Chestnut: useful properties, composition and treatment walnut chestnut

Chestnut : useful properties , composition and treatment walnut chestnut.Calorie chestnuts .How to cook chestnuts .The broth chestnut

chestnut Fruits contain a lot of starch, they also have fiber, minerals, sugars and vitamins.Due to the presence of chestnut protein and starch it is quite calorie: in 100g of the product contain nearly 180 calories.Traditional medicine has long been used fresh fruit chestnut.It is used in the manufacture of chestnut ... & gt; & gt;

Walnut coconut.Useful properties of coconut.Application and treatment of coconut

Coconut .Useful properties of walnut coconut.Application and treatment of coconut.Butter , milk, chips and coconut juice

in the coconut a lot of nutrients.Coconut milk improves the cardiovascular system.It also improves the functioning of the kidneys and has a strong diuretic effect.Milk and coconut oil have good cleansing effect.If you regularly eat the flesh of the coconut, is to strengthen the immune ... & gt; & gt;

Cashew: composition, properties and caloric.Cashew nuts in cooking and cosmetics

Cashew: composition, properties and caloric.

Cashews easy to love - they taste sweet and buttery.Calories in many cashew - 600 kcal per 100 g, but sufficient, and vitamins and minerals.Using cashew can maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels.Cashew help to strengthen the immune system and are useful in skin diseases ... & gt; & gt;

Nutmeg: composition, properties and consumption.The use of nutmeg

Nutmeg : composition, properties , the rate of consumption.Nutmeg in cooking.Treatment nutmeg

His appearance nutmeg fruit is a kind of peach or apricot.Nutmeg is effectively used in the food industry.Despite the fact that large doses of nutmeg harmful, it is strictly normalized number could have a healing effect on human ... & gt; & gt;

Peanuts: the composition, the use and treatment of peanuts.The rate of consumption of peanuts

Peanuts: the composition, the use and treatment of peanuts.

Peanuts affect the underlying biochemical processes in the body.Peanuts may be used to prevent cancer and heart disease.Peanut enhances sexual potency, improve memory, attention and hearing.Like all legumes, peanuts are not well digested by the stomach.Peanuts can also be added to soups, salads and ... & gt; & gt;

Pine nuts: composition, properties and treatment.Pine nuts slimming

Pine nuts: composition, properties and treatment.

With its remarkably small size of pine nuts are superior to many other kinds of its biological, medical and nutritional value.Pine nuts are rich in vitamins and essential minerals.Pine nuts are recommended for use in the treatment and prevention of many diseases ... & gt; & gt;

Almonds: properties and caloric.Almonds in cosmetics and cooking

Almonds : useful properties , caloric , treatment and contraindications .The most delicious recipes with almonds

With regular use almond person becomes calmer, it improves sleep.When enhanced brain activity almond enrich the brain phosphorus and helps to stay fit.Reduction of harmful cholesterol in the blood - is also a merit of almond fruit.Like all nuts, almonds are very good for the skin ... & gt; & gt;

Walnut: structure, benefits, features, and calorie content.Treatment walnut

Walnut: structure, benefits, features, and calorie content.

peculiarity of walnut is that its chemical composition varies depending on the degree of ripeness of the fruit.Walnut helps with nervous disorders, heart and respiratory diseases.The kernel of walnut is also used as a general tonic, useful for recuperation ... & gt; & gt;

hazelnut: a useful composition and medicinal properties.Calorie hazelnut

Hazelnut : a useful composition and medicinal properties.Calorie hazelnuts.Contraindications to receive and recipes with hazelnuts

The first thing that can be treated with hazelnuts - a cardiovascular system.Hazelnut also be a good tool in the fight against blood diseases such as anemia.Hazelnuts can also be used to cleanse the body, to prevent putrefaction.Especially good with the help of hazelnut ... & gt; & gt;

Sesame (sesame seed): useful properties and composition.Sesame oil

Sesame ( sesame seed ) : useful properties and composition .Sesame oil : treatment, traditional recipes and how to get

In cosmetology sesame oil is used to care for the skin and body.This oil is universal, and has softening and moisturizing properties, nourishes the skin, reduces irritation and dryness, restores the skin's ability to protect themselves from external influences.And oil, and sesame seeds are used in medicine ... & gt; & gt;

Pistachio: structure, benefits and calorie content.The rate of consumption and the useful properties

Pistachio: structure, benefits and calorie content.

Pistachio differ from other nuts so that they combine the most efficient calorie and amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.Of all the most nearly pistachio nuts calorie: ~ 550-650 calories per 100 grams.Pistachios - this is a very good tool for borrowing vigor and vitality ... & gt; & gt;

Sunflower: structure, benefits, and treatment characteristics.How to fry the seeds

Sunflower seeds: the composition, the use of properties and treatment of sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds - this is an amazing product.The biological value of seeds higher than the value of the eggs or meat, but they are digested and absorbed more easily.Experts and nutritionists, advocates of healthy lifestyles is often recommended to use seeds for preventing a variety of diseases ... & gt; & gt;

Pumpkin seeds: the use, properties and treatment.Oil pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seeds: structure, benefits, and treatment characteristics.

Everyone knows that the raw pumpkin seeds are one of the most popular folk remedies to combat parasites.Phosphorus and zinc contained in the seeds, to improve the circulatory system and the brain.Contained in the seeds nutrients have a slight diuretic and laxative effect, helps ... & gt; & gt;

Seeds: benefits and harms.Sunflower, pumpkin, flax and sesame seeds


Eating seeds and add them to dishes maintain the tone of the whole organism, prevent the occurrence of various diseases.Besides sunflower seeds, to the main types of commonly used seeds include pumpkin, sesame and flax.When choosing seeds, should know exactly what they are useful and how best to ... & gt; & gt;

watermelon seeds: composition, properties, oil from the seeds of watermelon

Watermelon seeds

watermelon seeds great help to cope with the same disease that he himself watermelon.Sunflower seeds are valued in folk medicine mainly what help the body to excrete uric acid.They improve vision and protect your eyes from disease;possess antifungal activity;help get rid of acne ... & gt; & gt;

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