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The fact that the Himalayas - the highest mountains in the world, known to every schoolchild, if a little bit interested in geography - a fascinating science, which describes all the known features of our Earth.

Holidays in the Himalayas

Holidays in the Himalayas recently popular not only among those who are interested the opportunity to at least for a time, to find peace of mind in the natural world, having gone from living in densely populated urban areas, but also for those who love extremesports and entertainment.Himalaya find majestic, romantic and magical place: in the ancient texts say about the miracles of the promised land of Shambhala, and these stories still do not cease to excite the imagination, even hardened materialists can not remain indifferent to them.

in Shimla - the same place where a popular resort, there are many interesting attractions, but especially attracts tourists and pilgrims Rewalsar Lake, located in the surrounding mountains.With the emer

gence of the lake are several legends associated.


On one of them, in the VIII century BCHere he lived in the caves of the prophets Buddhist teacher Padmasambhava when his girlfriend, Princess Mandarava servants of the local king was thrown into prison, and tried to burn him, he caused heavy downpour - so sacred lake was formed.After this, the king and his subjects became Buddhists and Padmasambhava went to Tibet to carry on the teachings of Buddha.Today, around the lake many Tibetan monasteries, but there are other existing churches - Hindus and Sikhs.

The lake is very picturesque: it live big black carp - among them there and gold - and the tourists and monks, and pilgrims are constantly fed them.Fish swim up to the surface of the lake - people are not afraid, because nobody here their catches and eats - and grab the feed more mouths.Love not only feed the carp, but also local monkeys: a lot of them are here and they are very happy abundance of visitors, who tend to beg and even take away everything they seem delicious.Around the lake grazing horses, donkeys and other animals, and colorful prayer flags hanging pilgrims decorate this sacred body of water on all sides.

Holidays in the Himalayas often attracts people who seek spiritual growth, but for the physical body there are a lot of interesting and useful.Active rest involves many things: fishing in the clear waters of lakes and rivers, rock climbing and mountain climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding, motorcycle and car, rafting, jungle tours and ecological tours.Climate and nature in the Himalayas are very diverse, but also the cultural heritage are collected such that no other mountain systems of the world will not be able to him to compete: the Himalayas is also called the abode of the gods - because they cross the three major cultural branches - Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic.

addition to the many temples and shrines can be visited and the residence of the Dalai Lama to visit the schools of meditation and yoga centers, ashrams - religious communities, and even use the services of the local SPA-center, where physical rehabilitation, based on ancient recipes, combined with the spiritual.

Still, let's say a little more about the possibilities for fans of extreme kinds of recreation.The highest mountains have a wild ski slopes, but to start with the best ski resorts in India.They, too, are high - for example, in Gulmarg elevation very tangible - from 2000 to 4000 meters, but there is a lot of snow, and it is always dry and the prices are quite affordable.At the level of service is not affected in any way, and people can come here with the usual middle-income and low level of sports training - everyone will feel normal.For beginners, here excellent conditions: you can use the services of experienced instructors, and even take the equipment rental and climb the slopes via lifts - after a few days of training beginners level rises.

Nepal resorts is not so easy: it can be said that they are not there at all, judging from the perspective of Westerners, so ride to Nepal travel professionals.Nowhere on the planet do not have higher peaks, and are not competing with each other - in these mountains show fortitude forces of nature.However, the routes laid interesting: if we can go upstairs, offers spectacular views from there, and along the way have something to admire.The forests in the Himalayan region rich: they grow pine and rhododendron - no shrubs, and real trees, blooming in spring red, pink and white flowers.Of interest to Europeans, and settlement of the Sherpas - the descendants of the Tibetans involved in farming and cultivation of yaks, huge ungulates with long, shaggy hair.Better Sherpas no one knows how to climb the mountain peaks with baggage, so they are often employed as experienced guides.

spring and summer fun in the Himalayas, and the weather is quite pleasant: above 30 ° C in the resort areas of the temperature rarely rises, and at night in the mountains is cool - up to 15 ° C, but this problem is easily solved with the help of warm clothing.However, for those who like to test their strength in extreme conditions attractive winter: damp and cold, and a lot of snow.

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