Rhodes Island.

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In the same century was built the palace of the Grand Masters, but in the XVIII and XIX centuries it was badly damaged by an earthquake, and then an explosion.In the 30s of the last century it was renovated, so today the palace - though it is a replica of a medieval - remains from those times a few fragments of the outer walls, two towers and the south gate;it is the only building in Rhodes, has not been preserved in its original form.Currently, there is a museum, which collects relics from all over the island.

The rest almost all preserved medieval ensemble of the city, and now in the buildings before former weapons arsenals, hospitals and knights 'headquarters', arranged not only museums, but also restaurants and shops.

Besides the natural beauty and historical monuments, Rhodes attracts tourists for its climate , clean and warm sea, and the same air: winters are wet and mild, and the summer - not very hot, and the greens are always fresh and juicy - it does not suffer

from the coldnor from the heat.

Nevertheless, tourists, especially coming from the Nordic countries, be sure to wear sunglasses and using protective creams: warm sun of Rhodes, but bright, and may cause burns.It is also convenient to wear a hat, well head protection from direct sunlight, and drink enough clean water to avoid dehydration.The mountains also have to be more prudent, and take at least a light jacket: the evening after a hot day may come not warm.

Weather Rhodes

little more about the weather on the island every season.

In December damp Rhodes: swim is not necessary, although sometimes the temperature rises to 20 ° C, but to walk and enjoy the sights, especially the historic and other museum quite convenient - work just for rainy weather.

In February already warmer, though the rains continue to go, but in March the sea is colder than in any other month.All the April temperature continues to rise, but you can not swim before May: the night is still cold - by the standards of the local climate.Beach season starts only in mid-May, but the most daring swim: an air temperature around 20 ° C water off the coast for a day does not have time to warm up.

In June, there is usually no cloudy days, the average day temperature - about 24 ° C, while the sea is quite warm - the weather is very pleasant to those who do not like the heat.Very comfortable month of July can be called: the water temperature is only 1-2 degrees below the temperature of the air, and from the north wind blows a nice refreshing.

swim and sunbathe at Rhodes can be the end of October, the sea is warm and the sun shines all the time: water and air temperature does not fall below 24-25 ° C.In November, the rains, and it becomes cooler, and then again, you can continue with sightseeing - a holiday on Rhodes is really possible all year round.

Tourism and Recreation in Rhodes

If you enjoy not only the wonderful climate of the island, but also its cultural and historical sites - and leave them unattended certainly can not - you can opt for several tours.In the cities and other places of Rhodes preserved not only the legacy of the Order of Knights of St. John: much remains of the ancient Roman and Greek cultures - the ruins of ancient buildings stand side by side with the most modern buildings.

resort area of ​​Rhodes - Faliraki

However, those who want to relax and have fun, too, is where to turn - there are several resort areas, and one of the most popular is considered East, where Faliraki - a small town, but very attractive.Previously, he was a fishing village, but now there are many comfortable hotels, where everybody can find the number on their requests, and the coast is famous for its clear waters and white sand beaches.

Vacationing in Faliraki, and may those who love peace and privacy: in the daytime the town is quite quiet - the sea is calm and you can walk for hours along the beach or admire the beauty of the bays.But you can visit the water park: it is a few kilometers from the city, and is considered the best on the island.Lots of water attractions and beaches - both for adults and for children, so there does not have to miss anyone.

«nightlife center" Faliraki called because at night it changes dramatically, one of the main streets, where the day is very quiet, it is very busy - it is located almost all the night clubs, cafes, bars, taverns and other places wherecan "rip" lovers of exciting adventures.There are very expensive places, can go where only the wealthy tourists, but a lot of youth and entertainment, so it is easy to choose for everyone.

But in hotels all the entertainment ends at midnight, and you can rest easy until the morning.

town and attracts golfers - there are very good field for this game popular in the West.

In the western part of the island the sea is not calm, and like other lovers - surfers.It is popular in this part of the island and parasailing - a parachute diving, or rather flying over water - when the parachute is attached to the water transport.Hotels in this part of the more expensive but more luxurious.

Hotel swimming pool usually does not happen, although the 4-5-year-stellar small pools there: Rhodes most hotels are located near the beaches.

Rhodes Island

And for lovers of family holidays perfect city Kallithea : there quietly - mountain close by winds, lots of greenery, beaches with sand, pebbles and crystal clear water;family hotel very clean and comfortable, but the taverns, bars and shops, too many, and there are excellent opportunities for diving.In the evening on the promenade where palm trees, lanterns are lit, and the atmosphere is romantic - in places like to walk couples in love.

stay in this city, you can also improve your health by bathing in mineral resources: there has long built a complex with baths and saunas.

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