Medicinal and useful properties of food .Helpful and healing properties of fruits, vegetables , leaves and herbs

Medicinal and useful properties of food.

How great variety of foods consumed by man for food and multifaceted therapeutic and healing properties of these products.All vegetables and fruits, every blade of grass and leaf contributes to the condition and health of our body.On the beneficial properties of certain foods known to all.Since ancient times, people have learned how to use a variety of products, mainly of plant origin.Over the years, with experience, a man comes, what plant foods can not only prevent many diseases, but also to treat.Knowing the healing and therapeutic properties of certain products, you can manually choose the right diet to maintain the health of the body, as well as their use for the treatment of various diseases and variations in health status.

Parsley - grass courage.Parsley makes a man more courageous.Parsley contains a lot of vitamin C, and in addition, multivitamin apiol substance that actively affect our state.

Bananas - tasty remedy dipressii.These yellow fruits contain the alkaloid Harman, which is based on

the drug mescaline.After eating bananas, the state of mind of man is markedly improved, it starts to feel a lot better, and if he had previously been in a state of depression, she disappears.

Cinnamon gives pleasure.The scent of cinnamon has a strong erotic effect.Add cinnamon in each of his dessert!

Bow - anesthetic from the garden.Essential oil Alikin, part of the bow, has analgesic and antipyretic action as aspirin.An old remedy for headache and body aches - hot onion juice.

Beer contains female sexual hormones.Also in yeast it contains an estrogen, which is produced only in the ovaries in women.The effect of these substances contributes to "beer belly."Hops also contains soothing substances and, as one of its components - metilbutinol on which make sleeping pills.

oil strengthens the nerves.Eating butter, the person becomes more balanced and calm.Accordingly, if there is no oil at all, the mood is deteriorating, the person becomes more nervous and aggressive.

Pepper gives a feeling of happiness.The main component of chili peppers - capsaicin in peppers - piperine.Acute component of pepper is able to neutralize the pain.Thanks psevdoboli that cause and chili peppers, the brain produces an opiate.It later gives an unforgettable feeling of happiness.

Tomatoes give us courage.Due to the content in a sufficiently large number of 5-hydro-ksitriptamin in tomatoes, whose action resembles the action of serotonin.We relax, lose the "brake".No wonder tomatoes are sometimes called "love apples."

Cheese has the property to entertain.Humor increases contained in cheese amino acid tyramine, phenylethylamine and trintamin.

Analgesic products

Analgesic Products

all know how harmful pills, but to bear the pain is sometimes unbearable and hands reach in a box with medicines.However, there are products that are no worse than any pill can cope with the pain.Yes, you heard right, there are, in fact, operate on the same principle and that analgesic drugs: that is, kills the pain, but do not eliminate its causes.They are recommended to be used as a substitute for medication, pain understood by origin: traumatic, dental pain, muscular pain, joint problems and many other

leading position among analgesics food products occupy sharp.It's much easier than it seems: garlic, mustard, horseradish, pepper, and similar vegetables caused by eating irritation taste buds, the thrill of these products, especially in large quantities, unpleasant, and the body protects itself by a huge number of throwing "happiness hormones"- endorphins.Endorphins are the brain is the most important neurotransmitters.They possess morphine-like action, regulate vascular permeability.Endorphins are produced in the brain and have a soothing and calming effect that actually needed in the case of severe pain.Endorphins help relieve not only the pain caused by a sharp taste of the product, but also the pain, for the sake of reassurance that the products and have been eating.

Another type of analgesic products - spices such as tarragon, parsley and saffron.They are a network of essential oils, which activate blood circulation and promote rapid healing of wounds and injuries.But the action of spices is not as fast as the action of sharp products.However, the spices - it is an option for people who are contraindicated for spicy food.Well, another analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, is a daisy.

However, there are also products that the pain only intensified.And it's cheese, pork, coffee, chocolate, smoked foods, beer, beans, canned food, and all fried foods.Most of these products comprises biogenic amines (especially tyramine) which periodically become a cause vasospasms.

beer containing caffeine, coffee and chocolate - a kind of drug.The absence of these products is a protest of the body got used to it, is expressed in pain.A smoked contains nitrite, which can cause severe pain in his temples.

Products uplifting

Products, uplifting

1. Milk.Your brain needs the amino acid tryptophan, which is needed for the formation of serotonin - a neurotransmitter that has a calming effect and improves mood.

2. Chocolate.It contains many substances to lift your mood, including anadamid that affects the same part of the brain as THC - the active ingredient of cannabis.In addition, the sweetness increase levels of endorphins - the hormones of happiness.

3. Whole grain rice or pasta.Rich in carbohydrates, which increases serotonin levels.Complex carbohydrates contained in rice, help keep longer in a good mood.

4. Mackerel.A Finnish study found that people who eat fish at 31% more than the others, less likely to suffer from depression.Oily fish such as mackerel, the best source of omega-3.They increase the levels of serotonin, as well as increased sensitivity to neurotransmitters.High doses of omega-3 can help even patients suffering from clinical depression.It also contains vitamin B12, needed for the formation of serotonin.

5. Broccoli.Contains folic acid, which is also part of the group of vitamins B. B9 (folic acid) is actively involved in raising your mood.

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