Bilbergiya pyramid - a plant Antilles and Venezuela.Leaves broadly, pointed at the end, their length - 80 cm, color - rich green.Prisotsvetnye pink leaves.The plant is decorated with flowers with carmine-red petals and pink sepals.They are united in the pyramid (hence the name), covered with thick white-haired, straight inflorescence.The period of formation of the reproductive organs of spectacular falls to the period from April to July.

Bilbergiya zebra - a beautiful ornamental plant as a rosette of leaves, which in bright light acquire amazing colors: silver cross stripes on purple-bronze background.Stems and leaves prisotsvetnye pink.

Factors of growth and development bilbergii

have already mentioned that bilbergiya is not capricious in relation to conditions of detention.It's time to flesh out this statement, parse, as they say, on the shelves.

  • light mode
    «Queen of Tears" - a flower heliophilous enough, given the growing area of ​​its wild forms.However, direct sunlight are not desirable f
    or it: it can be fraught with the appearance of burns on the leaves.Thus, you must plant pritenyat from the bright daylight, especially at midday and hot days.Placing bilbergiyu better on windows with western or eastern orientation.
  • temperature regime
    Bilbergiya disrespectful to excessively high temperatures.Because in the summer in the room should be kept optimal thermal conditions in the region of 20-25º, not higher.If you take out into the garden, put the pot in a semi-dark place.In autumn and winter the plant is required to provide 18-20º, at least - 13º.Lowering the temperature by a few degrees stimulates flowering.
  • Humidity
    For Exotic characterized by the existence in dry climates, so spraying should be done only when the temperature in the apartment above 22º.Water use a soft, ambient temperature, or you can put the pot in a tray of moistened expanded clay.
  • capacity and quality of the substrate
    Tara planting Exotic choose wide and not very deep.Well suited for this purpose, a block of wood bark.The substrate used is as follows: ground sheet, humus, peat, sphagnum moss and river sand.All components are taken in equal amounts.
Photo: bilbergiya

Features care

Note watering.It must be carried out fairly often in the spring and summer, so that the soil in the pot was constantly wet, but without water stagnation.Drying earthen clod is not allowed!The exception is a slight drying of the topsoil in the autumn-winter period.In winter, reduce watering to once per week.

regularly, twice a month, fertilize the soil under bilbergiey special mineral complex for bromeliads.Fertilizing produce throughout the growing season.

Transplant "tears of the Queen" is performed as needed.The latter occurs when the output of roots beyond capacity and the acquisition of a large amount of bush.Some sources advise the operator to change the pot and the substrate once a year.Bilbergiyu propagated by lateral shoots and seeds.Another use for the new offspring of the "Queen of tears" suckers ("kids").Be patient - the process of breeding bilbergii laborious.

Disable exotic mealybug, red spider mites, aphids and bromeliads Jose scale.Their habitat - leaves.Among the diseases relevant sooty fungus.Destroying pests with insecticides, but mild, and as a preventive help soapy water.

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