How to improve your mood.

dwell a little on the strawberry, banana and kiwi - these fruits are more effective than other bananas contribute to the rapid production of serotonin, kiwis have antioxidant action and supply the body with vitamin C, and strawberries (like strawberries) normalizes blood sugar levels, andalso contains antioxidants.In addition, these fruits and berries are tasty and fragrant - have these properties give us joy and pleasure.

great dinner that can quickly improve your mood - baked potatoes with a large portion of salad of fresh green vegetables.It is in these vegetables - lettuce, spinach, green peppers, broccoli and other types of cabbage, asparagus, green peas, contains a lot of folic acid, without which our nervous system works poorly, the immunity drops and anemia, so it is not necessary to replace the fresh vegetables cannedthat are easy to prepare - a bad mood when they hand you provided.Potatoes also promotes the production of serotonin - just do not fry it, and it is better to bake, boil in their

skins, steamed, mashed potatoes or cook - homemade and not out of the package.

Assist serotonin and whole grains: brown rice, oatmeal, buckwheat - the cereal not only improve mood, but also relieves insomnia.

products in which many PUFAs - polyunsaturated fatty acids, are also effective: they accelerate metabolism, strengthen the heart and blood vessels and prevents the development of depression.It soybeans and oil, and everything unrefined vegetable oils that we eat, but is particularly useful olive;is flaxseed, and other seeds and nuts - almonds, walnuts, etc., and fatty sea fish: in addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, it contains a lot of valuable protein, vitamins and trace elements.You can also mention the seafood: clams, crabs, algae and others.

forget about bad mood to help and dishes lean meat: in many kinds of white meat contains amino acids tryptophan and tyrosine - especially white meat chicken, but there are thosesubstances in meat turkey and rabbit, and young pork and veal.These amino acids also increase the level of neurotransmitters in the body, responsible for attention, memory and good mood.

Prepare yourself for breakfast pasta from durum wheat - they are also a lot of tryptophan - with spinach, oatmeal or whole-grains, and to work to take a sandwich of crispy cereal breads with chicken or turkey.Incidentally, in this respect, and eggs are good: you can eat the usual sandwich of rye bread and natural butter, and add to it a fresh boiled egg - tryptophan, which quickly turns into serotonin in the body will be produced more.Eggs - it's all great food, which we often forget: in the meantime, they are easy to take with you, but useful and valuable, they contain a lot - it is easily digestible protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, B vitamins and vitamin D, as well as many useful andessential amino acids.

Chocolate - a product which can not speak - everybody knows that it causes the formation of endorphins, but still it is worth recalling: chocolate contains theobromine - unlike caffeine, it stimulates gently;anandamide - a substance that is normally produced in the body needs, and maintain a state of joy, and other compounds that perform the function of neurotransmitters.There are chocolate and tryptophan: together with other amino acids, it also promotes the production of serotonin and other substances that reduce irritability, and improves mood.The mood of chocolate improves quickly, and it does not need to have his tiles - just 2 slices of dark chocolate daily.

Supplements to improve mood

Besides food, pay attention to vitamins and minerals and other dietary supplements, they should only buy from reliable sellers - counterfeiting today are often found even in the pharmacy.Today manufactured health products that contain gamma-aminobutyric acid, has a relaxing and calming effect, L-taurine - an amino acid soothing;5-hydroxytryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin;DL-phenylalanine, improves mood and relieves chronic pain;L-tyrosine, turning into dopamine in the body, supports emotional balance;as well as vitamins, minerals and extracts of medicinal plants - such as Rhodiola rosea, aralia, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, citrus and others.

should also be said about the preparations containing polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 they are particularly indicated for people constantlytransporting high mental load and stress, as well as emotionally unstable and prone to depression.These drugs are also prescribed for chronic mental fatigue, memory loss and diseases of the blood vessels of the brain, including those related to the accumulation in the body of "harmful" cholesterol.

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