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Factors of growth and development achimenes

representative of the tropical flora, accustomed to living in a particular climate of humid zones of the southern hemisphere, quite picky about the conditions of detention in the room at any pointour planet.

  • light mode
    successful development and well being achimenes need a large amount of natural sunlight.However, we must avoid falling on the leaves of the direct rays: the culture prefers bright ambient light.This means that the place where placed a flower pot, you need to pritenyat.Culture with leaves dark-green requires more intense lighting, with bright colors - a moderate.
  • Heat mode
    to plant bloomed long and abundant, and well-developed, should be kept in a room with a flower a certain air temperature.Optimal thermal conditions in the summer ranges 20-25º, not less than 20º.Average flow of the resting phase strebuet 10-16º.The plant does not tolerate drafts.
  • Humidity
    For achimenes not acceptable low levels
    in indoor air water vapor
    .The humidity level must be quite high, but the spray itself can not be avoided Exotic deterioration of decorative flowers and leaves (they appear water stains) - need to spray the moisture in the air near the plant.If you are not satisfied with this option, put the pot in a tray of moist moss, pebbles or peat.
  • as the substrate and the capacitance
    pot planting achimenes choose a .At the bottom arrange good drainage.Use a soil mixture of the following composition: sheet, turf soil, sand (2: 1 ratio: 0.5).Well suited for this purpose, a special blend of ornamental flowering plants.
Photo: achimenes home

Care achimenes home

ensure a high level of humidity in the room with achimenes impossible due alone spraying or tray with moist peat, so ExoticsIt requires a quality watering.In spring and summer soil moisture should be abundant, but without stagnation of water in the pan.In a period of rest to water the plants occasionally.Use a soft, defend water at room temperature.

soil fertilized with mineral liquid complex concentrates twice a month.Produce fertilizer only during the growing season.The first such exercise carried out after 1.5 months after the formation of shoots.Transplanted

culture substrate having good air and water permeability.They do this in the first week of February.The soil used the same composition as the landing or the following mixture is prepared: 3 hours. Peat 1 hour. Sand, 1 hr. Coconut substrate slightly superphosphate and eggshell powder.

achimenes Propagated by rhizomes, seeds and cuttings.Is mainly used the first two methods - cuttings among the growers did not receive a large distribution.Seeds produced in the home.Divide the rhizomes can be done during the transplant.

Probable pests including insects to achimenes enough: thrips, mites, mealy bug, aphids.Good luck with the cultivation of a magical and incredibly beautiful flower!