Photo: aphelandra

In a culture bred interesting variety Dania, who is able to boast of yellow flowers and leaves with a greenish-white veins.It takes its rightful place in your collection of decorative floral variety louisae: it narrowly elliptical shape vegetative organs, decorated with yellow pattern and bright yellow blossoms delight anyone.The most interesting is that the name of a tropical plant "aphelandra" translated from Greek means "simple man."It contains a hint of simple unilocular anthers, with which a crop.

Factors of growth and development aphelandra

Contacting aphelandra, you need to have patience and to provide flower specific conditions for well-being, regardless of the time of year for the window, as well as for a successful and long flowering.

  • light mode
    summer and spring, the plant needs sufficient lighting.It should be bright, but not directly.Diffused light or partial shade can be achieved if aphelandra place near the south-eastern and south-western windows shade.In
    winter, nice to provide additional illumination.
  • Heat mode
    to grow in the rain forests, aphelandra not used to debilitating znoyu.For this reason, the room temperature with the culture to be active at the time of growth and flowering within 22-24º.With the onset of cold weather, these figures should be reduced to 12-14º, in extreme cases, up to 20º.Precipitation and drafts not the best way affect the state aphelandra.
  • Humidity
    Tropical Exotic extremely hygrophilous: the more water the better.In connection with the layouts aphelandra par with major irrigation requires regular irrigation.The frequency of the procedure carried out by spraying with a soft, moisture defended: every few days.
  • as the substrate and the capacitance
    to plant must be in medium-sized pot filled with soil mixture of sand, leaf soil and peat (ratio 1: 3: 1.5).Higher quality is a sod-peat-sand soil (2: 1: 1).
Photo: aphelandra

Care aphelandra home uslofih

should, first of all, establish a watering aphelandra.Moist soil under the plant must be in vegetation abundant in cold temperate.Water the Exotic with a frequency of 1 every 3 days and 1 time per week, respectively.It is recommended to be avoided as the excess moisture in the soil, and drying out of land in the pot.

fertilize the soil of the crop by any organic and mineral concentration.Also suitable for this purpose, a special flower fertilizer.Fertilizing is carried out once a week during the period of active growth.

big role in the care of aphelandra plays cropping.It is necessary, as it promotes lush crown molding and updating the plant.Dates: February-March.

Required aphelandra such an event as a transplant.There exotic tropical not original: adults need to change the substrate every few years younger specimens - annually.As the soil using hydroponics or hydrogel.

There are three ways to obtain a new progeny of your existing apartment aphelandra: multiplication of seeds, whole leaves and apical cuttings.

Since you are dealing with a foreign culture, it is logical that it is unlikely you will be able to avoid the difficulties in its cultivation.But the problem can easily be addressed, the main thing - to identify the cause of the trouble.To do this, there is a specific literature, where you will find the necessary information.Chances of occurrence of pests: scale insects, spider mites and aphids.Take care of the beauty of a room!

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