Aucuba at home.

Rhode aucuba few, it includes only 3 species of plants .Widely known are two: aucuba Himalayan and Japanese aucuba.In the culture of the most popular second species.

aucuba Japan as an ornamental plant originally cultivated in Japan and China .It is very beautiful, spectacular exotic appearance: on the woody green shoots "sit" opposite large leathery leaves.The shape of their elongated-oval, serrated edge (there are instances and with entire vegetative organs), the surface gloss.Species aucuba Japanese set.Among them there are also versions with solid vegetative organs and variegated specimens.When you look at the past gives the impression as if the leaves shine.So there was a second name aucuba "golden tree."

spring plant acquires a small, inconspicuous flowers, gathered in pubescent panicles.During the period of fruiting culture decorated with orange or scarlet fruit.On female trees and bushes are produced fruit with seeds inside - in the case of male specimens of pollination, of course.

growth and development aucuba

subtropical crops demanding conditions of detention, so should be given to this plant special attention to the meaning.

  • light mode
    aucuba In the wild, concentrated mainly in the deep shadow of forest undergrowth, which suggests a high degree of shade tolerance.Cultural same kinds of needs of medium intensity diffuse illumination or light partial shade.Direct rays of the sun for aucuba disastrous.In summer you can make a flower on the street.In winter, it is necessary to ensure a culture worthy of coverage.

  • Thermal conditions for the successful development of domestic aucuba need mild temperatures throughout the summer: about 18-20º, not higher.Otherwise, the plant will quickly lose their decorative appearance and even the ability to lose leaves.Winter air temperature in the room with exote must be at 8-14º, the lower limit of + 5º.If it is impossible to ensure such conditions will often spray the plant and cover well.
  • Humidity
    aucuba have no special claim to this environmental factor.In summer, first, whether the owner of Exotic want, it may on its own initiative to please your pet in addition to basic glaze of foliar spray.Water use a soft, warm.
  • pot and as a substrate for planting
    Exotic necessary capacity with a wide bottom.Soil mixture is prepared from the following components: turf, leaf soil, sand and peat.The ingredients are taken in the ratio 6: 2: 1: 2.You can add humus.
Aucuba at home
Photo: aucuba home

Care aucuba home

aucuba indifferent to the water, and it amounts to a large .Thus exotic plant watering must be plentiful during the growing season.It is better to tolerate the relative lack of moisture in the soil than a surplus.In winter and fall watering is transferred to a moderate regime.

plant nutrition carried out from late spring through August.Frequency: 1 time per week.For this purpose, use the special complex fertilizers for ornamental deciduous plants.

Transplant aucuba next spring .If you are dealing with a young plant, the operation requires an annual meeting;if the change of substrate and pot regards adult - rather exotic transplanted every 2-3 years.As substrate the same as that of landing aucuba.

spring will not superfluous trim subtropical plants.It is appropriate in the case of too high instances culture.

Propagated East Asian aucuba terminal cuttings and seeds.By choosing the first method, the cuttings should be prepared as early as March or in early fall.They are cut, perpetuate in a moist mixture of sand and peat, spray, air, kept under wrap up rooting.Propagation by seed is possible first, whether you have two plants of different sexes.

aucuba damaged by scale insects, aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, whitefly.When wetting black spots appear on the leaves.Be vigilant!

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