«Mitra Bishop" - so unusual, intriguing name is Astrophytum speckled.It is the same as the previous species, belongs to the category of "bare" of cactus, that is, devoid of thorns.But at the gray-green globular stem there is another, no less spectacular decoration: white-gray flecks."Mitra Bishop" by the people because of the plant nicknamed pyatirebernoy form succulents.Yellow flowers with orange throat bloom in the summer for a few days.

Astrophytum decorated.It differs from all existing types of this kind of the highest forms of resistance to adverse environment.Young cactus has a spherical shape dark green stem, adults - extended.The plant reaches a height of 30-35 cm. The spines yellow-brown, variegated in terms of length.The stem is decorated as an accumulation of silvery specks.Astrophytum decorated with flowers of pale yellow flowers.

Photo: Astrophytum

Astrophytum ibex - a cactus cylindrical shape (in adulthood), reaches 25 m in height.Distinguishing features: 8 ribs, long spines rese

mbling a goat horn mind (hence the unusual name), bright spots on the stem dark green, reproductive organs rich yellow color with scarlet middle.A lot of variety.

Factors of growth and development Astrophytums

  • light mode
    Astrophytums very important for adequate lighting .The best solution: bright but diffused light.Exposure to direct sunlight is allowed in small quantities.The plant should be placed on the south window, while it will certainly need to pritenyat.In winter and autumn supplementary lighting is not required, but in the early spring, when the cold sunlight was little accustomed to the intense light cactus should gradually.
  • Heat mode
    Astrophytum positive attitude to znoyu .The optimum temperature for its contents summer: 22-28º.Winter period coincides with a period of rest cactus, so you should start in the autumn gradually reduce the temperature to 10-12º.If the room is 0º, for whatever reason - do not worry.Cactus, in practice, in such circumstances normal winters.
  • Humidity
    members of the genus Astrophytum does not require the large amount of moisture in the room air.Thus, it is inappropriate, in addition to the main irrigation to spray.
  • pot and a substrate
    By transplanting cactus, use a medium-sized container.At the bottom of the pot arrange good drainage, and in several layers: first the concrete block and brick chips, then pebbles and colored stones.The composition of the soil mixture: sheet, sod land, peat, sand and brick chips.Also last component, which will need quite a bit, all the ingredients sounded taken in the ratio 1: 1: 1: 1.

Care Astrophytums home

Cactus refers to the moisture-loving culture, as in the wild adapted to living in hot regions.Astrophytum is no exception: it needs watering during the growing season is extremely rare.To make the procedure for soil moisture should be reduced in order to avoid getting water on the stem.In winter, watering is not required.

period of active growth - time for feeding.Once a month, fertilize the soil under Astrophytums special complex concentrates for cacti.In a cold plant does not need a dressing.

Transplant Astrophytums rarely carried out, as the plant does not tolerate the procedure.Producing it should be, unless the cactus has become crowded in the pot.When transplanting prohibited penetration root collar.

plant spreads by seeds.This is the only sure way to produce offspring from existing Astrophytums.Sow the seeds in the soil mixture of leaf soil, charcoal and river sand.The proportions of these components: 1: 1.2: 1.The substrate should be moist seeds need to pour warm water.

Cactus Astrophytum damaged mealybugs and scale insects.Dangerous for the plant waterlogging Substrate may develop rot.Use caution and care in the cultivation of the plant-stars!

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