Factors of growth and development asplenium

exotic plants, accustomed to in the wild live in tropical rain forests, it is necessary to create in the room is quite specific conditions.

  • Lighting. asplenium well-developed in the shade or partial shade, as it is not an instance of light-loving.Direct sunlight can cause a handsome fern browning and death of Wai.Ideally suited for growing indoor window asplenium northern orientation.
  • Heat mode. heat is not acceptable for the Exotic.In summer, it is necessary to maintain the plant in a room with the air temperature in the range of 20-21º, maximum - 22º.In autumn and winter the optimum temperature is 14-20º, below is not allowed - it is fraught with the withering away of the leaves and even the ability to kill the fern.He is afraid of drafts.
  • Humidity. Water for asplenium most important of all the necessary conditions for growth and development.A high level of humidity fern provide regular, frequent spraying wai from a spray, particularly at temperatu
    res above 22º.Even if there has been dying leaves, cut them, and watered with moisture - do not have time to look around, there will be new.Another measure to increase the level of humidity in the room: the installation of the pot with the culture in a pan with a damp peat or pebbles.Water spray take a little warm, soft.In winter and autumn, provided the content of fern in a well-heated room irrigate foliage regularly, in the case of cool - rare.
  • as a substrate and a pot. to plant opt ​​for the general capacity of major proportions.Its soil is filled with a mixture of humus, peat, turf and ground sheet, as well as sand.All components are taken in the ratio 1: 3: 2: 3: 1.You can add pre-shredded sphagnum moss, not hurt and crushed charcoal.The substrate must be loose.
Photo: asplenium

Care asplenium home

tropical moisture-loving culture of the family Asplenievyh require regular, abundant watering.Drying earthen clod is unacceptable, even as waterlogging.The first is fraught with negative consequences in the form of the withering away of Wai, the second - rot the root system.One can use the original and at the same time very effective method for substrate wetting asplenium: a pot with a plant dipped in a container filled with water, and to keep up until the top layer of the soil is covered with moisture.Then the pot is removed, and by giving to drain excess water, put in its place.In autumn and winter needs moderate watering soft moisture at room temperature.

fertilize the soil under asplenium have throughout the spring and summer.It is best to combine this event with irrigation.Fertilizing is carried out every two weeks, using the average concentration of organic and mineral fertilizers.The latter requires a small amount in order to avoid unwanted "overfeeding" of the plant.

Transplanting and reproduction asplenium

transplantation is possible only in the spring and only when necessary, that is, in the case of a sudden became a close pot culture.During this operation, remove dead roots and cut without damaging, live.

Reproduction fern spores occurs, brood buds and dividing rhizomes.The most labor-intensive and time-first method of obtaining the results, so you should think carefully before deciding to experiment with spores.

in the care of potted asplenium likely emergence of various difficulties.Be aware that the fronds turn yellow due to the dry air in the room, become sluggish due to unstable irrigation.From the pests can attack fern mealybug, Jose scale and spider mites.Good luck in growing green pet!

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