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Ski resorts in Austria

main ski country in Europe attracts those who prefer the traditional alpine village of huge modern complex.The highest mountains and the most famous resorts are located in Tyrol.

But in Austria there are a lot of low runs for beginners.

2012 New Year travel

Eastern Europe: nice and not expensive

New Year in Prague

cheerful, noisy and inexpensive compared to the capitals of Western Europe, Prague New Year attracts huge number of tourists.

Besides magnificent architectural monuments, you will find cozy restaurants and pubs, folk festivals and richly dressed up for the holiday street.

2012 New Year travel
2012 New Year travel

Bulgarian resorts - Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovets

growing popularity of Bulgarian ski resorts can be easily explained: the traditional closeness to Russia, the low prices (including to learn skiing), clearlanguage.

Of course, the level of the Bulgarian resorts have not quite live up to their Western competitors, but it is constantly growing.

2012 New Year travel

Hot New Year

New Year in Vietnam

Vietnam has recently become one of the most popular holiday destinations, including the New Year.The thing is a unique service (caring, neizbalovanny staff), great kitchen, the white line of sandy beaches and amazing sea "with views of the Pacific Ocean."

2012 New Year travel

Vietnam will give you a lot of impressions from the luxurious nature famous massage and SPA-procedures.And in the bungalows on the beach so easy to escape from everyday problems.

2012 New Year travel

Chinese New Year (Hainan)

tropical island of Hainan is firmly secured the title - "Oriental Hawaii".One of the environmentally friendly and surprisingly beautiful places on the planet attracts tourists not only the opportunity to touch the ancient civilizations of China and meet Chinese medicine, but also get high quality service for not too high a cost.

2012 New Year travel

If you want to fully taste the exotic Chinese New Year, it is necessary to go there in early February.

2012 New Year travel

On a visit to Santa Claus

New Year in the Nordic countries

in the Nordic countries can safely go for this New Year.If you want the traditional themes and a high level of services at very reasonable prices, then choose a cruise on the Scandinavian capitals.The most popular option - a trip on the ferry.

2012 New Year travel

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