Wonder of the World Colosseum.

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Outside the Colosseum was marble, on its perimeter is a beautiful statue.Inside it from top to bottom down 80 rows where the audience sat.Romans came directly through the entrance 64, which were located on different sides of the amphitheater.Below are arranged special seats for nobles of Rome and, of course, the throne of the emperor.Since Colosseum - this is an open arena, sometimes in bad weather the audience had to take shelter from the rain.Burning Roman sun, too, it is a nuisance.But the nobility was invented by a special system that allows you to pull out of the canvas awning over the heads of spectators.

at each tier of the column were made in different styles.The first - in the Doric, the second - in the Ionian, and the third - in the Corinthian style.Also on the second and third tiers were statues made by the best Roman masters.

arena floor, where the most action took place, was made of wood, it is usually sprinkled with sand.But sometimes the arena was flooded w

ith water and enjoy a true sea battles - with ships and weapons, they were called navmahiyami.It was then, and walked in the course of locks and canals made more Nero.

Wonder of the World Colosseum

Coliseum through time

If we lived in Rome for almost 2 thousand years ago, you would have found the grand opening of the Colosseum.Celebration in honor of the opening of the amphitheater lasted 100 days, were invited guests from all over the world.All offer a range of treats - Meat, poultry, nuts, cookies, dates and prunes.Also during the celebration could win gifts, with their value was completely different.Someone brought down a few heads of lettuce, but someone - a few pounds of gold.

Colosseum was designed for a variety of ideas - and theatrical, and sporting .But the most known we bloody gladiatorial combat.In Rome there were other structures intended for entertainment.As for the theatrical art, the Romans preferred a comedy and it is not always able to watch them to the end.There are cases when during the performance of the crowd echoed the rumor that at the Coliseum starting fights and then all jumped up and ran away, oblivious to the actors.We do not understand these violent games.But the inhabitants of Rome beginning of the 1st century AD terribly liked to look at the battle where blood splash, or where a person has to show all his agility to escape death from the claws and teeth of wild beasts.Lucky left after the battle with a variety of awards, but defeated or died on the spot, or at the request of the crowd were killed in their cells.Very rarely, people are given a chance vanquished gladiator.

As for animals, they are often brought from other countries.It was a majestic beasts of prey, but they were destined to die under the roar of the crowd of thousands, maddened by bloodlust.

It also killed the first Christians.People wishing to adopt new doctrine brought into the arena and given at the mercy of predators.Legends say that the mother rushed forward into the clutches of the animals, if only to protect their children.But death was inevitable for all.In the same way the architect was killed Colosseum - Gavdentsy, who wished to convert to Christianity.It took more than 200 years before you get to stop these bloody spectacles.Some people were outraged by them, but most liked the "presentation".

Although the purpose of this facility, the Coliseum is true - great work of human hands.However, when the Roman Empire fell, it ceased to be necessary, and gradually began to decay.In the Middle Ages, Christians, who were killed here, ironically, made it his life in the amphitheater.And in the 13th century from a quarry made.The stones of which was built the Colosseum was used for the construction of houses of aristocrats, churches, and later - the Office of the Pope and bridges.

now coming into place once majestic "Flavian Amphitheatre", we can see only ruins, but they are forced to marvel at the scale and scope of this facility.

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