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resort Russia Gelendzhik Gelendzhik

considered one of the most popular resorts of the Black Sea coast .It lies on the shores of Gelendzhik Bay, which is surrounded by the mountains of the Caucasus.Local landscapes are very picturesque.The Resorts and resorts in Gelendzhik each year attracts thousands of tourists.Sand and pebble beach of the resort stretches for tens of kilometers at the foot of the mountains.

many kilometers of very beautiful promenade of the resort, which is considered one of the longest in the world.It stretches along a wide sandy beach town that has been artificially created in 1971.Kabardinka and Blue Bay are sandy and pebbly beaches and shallow sandy seabed.Therefore, it is here, many come to vacation with children.Sunny days a year, there are 250.

The resort has three water park: a large water park "Golden Bay" and "Dolphin" and "Behemoth."You can visit the "Safari Park", which is the only one in the south of Russia.The resort includes the towns

hips of Arkhipo-Osipovka and Kabardinka.The best months to visit this resort is considered to be September.Sea water at this time has a temperature of + 23C.

Russian resort of Tuapse

Recreation Tuapse attractive to people of all ages , both for youth and for families with children.This resort area stretches for 110 km.One side of the city of Tuapse addressed exclusively to the sea.The town is situated on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus, about 80% of the territory is covered by forest.Such an amount is greenery make the local air is very clean.It is important to note also that in the city there are no large industrial enterprises.Here you can enjoy fresh air, sun and sea.The area is also a lot of resorts and children's camps.It should be noted that the rest is not so expensive as, for example, in Sochi.

the city of Tuapse in the valleys of the two rivers - Tuapse and Paukpse.This city is a major seaport.The resort includes the following Villages: Dzhubga, Novomikhailovsky, Nebug Gisela-Dere, Shepsi.


Region Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Stavropol Territory is another very popular resort area of ​​the country.It has a varied terrain and varied climate.


Essentuki resort area located in the northern part of the city .From the north and south to the resort adjacent to two large parks - Main and Komsomolsk.Curative factor of the resort is the famous mineral water "Essentuki".The local climate is quite a contrast: the summer is hot and dry, and winter - Frosty and rainy.

Zheleznovodsk Zheleznovodsk is the small and cozy town this resort region .Its main therapeutic factors are the hot and warm natural springs.Here many come for treatment with children, there is also a children's sanatorium.

Kislovodsk Kislovodsk is a popular balneological and climatic resort .He is considered the southernmost and landscaped resort area.On the other resorts it is associated railways and highways.The main medical factor is mineral water "Narzan".It is famous as a winter health resort, winter is clear and dry.Distinguishes this place and permanence of atmospheric pressure.

Pyatigorsk Pyatigorsk is a spa and mud resort , which is a multi.Almost all of his health resorts are concentrated in the eastern part of the city.The main therapeutic factors of the resort are considered hot hydrogen sulphide and radon mineral water, widely used and mud Tambukansky lake.Here treat many different diseases.The summers are warm and winters - moderately soft.

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