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It is impossible to imagine the city without the flower market Cours Saleya.There you can buy flowers, seafood, fruits and vegetables.And on Monday they sell various antiques.Among the things you can find a very valuable and interesting items at relatively low prices.

can make a lot of shopping at CAP-3000, which is located near the airport.There are about 150 shops are concentrated under one roof.In Nice, is a shop Alziari, which is widely known throughout the country for its olive oil.Among the grocery stores you can find reasonable prices in a huge "Monoprix" and "Galeries Lafayette".

In French establishments to tip a waiter at a rate of 10% of the order value.Those who want to save money, it may be advisable to eat shawarma, there are many such institutions.Many hotels rooms are electric and refrigerators, so you can cook something on their own.

In Nice common Italian dishes.There are many fish restaurants.Cheap and nice snack fresh baguettes with different fillings.

You can also dine in inexpensive Chinese restaurants.

Entertainment in Nice

In this city there are many opportunities for entertainment.It offers a variety of water activities on the sea, and there are many museums and galleries.There is a nice and opera.Of course, there Nice discos, nightclubs and casinos.The nightlife is in full swing, especially in the area of ​​the old city.

However, please know that most clubs there is quite a strict face control.Therefore, it is important to remember about their appearance.The resort is appropriate to wear expensive clothes.

carnival in Nice takes place in the first half of February and lasts for several days.It is filled with fun activities such as parades, "flower battles", the procession of chariots, various flower parades, fireworks.In mid-July in Nice, near the Museum Matisse Jazz Festival is held.Every year it collected the most famous musicians.During the famous "Battle of Flowers' along the seafront passing the huge platform decorated with beautiful floral arrangements.And they are the most beautiful models of the Côte d'Azur.

conducted in Nice and international regattas, horse races and other sporting events.

Attractions Nice

center of the city is considered to be a lively area of ​​Rosetti.It is a baroque Cathedral of Saint Reparata, built in the 17th century.

Nice is often associated with the name of Marc Chagall.Here is his museum with an extensive exhibition.Noteworthy is also the museum and the Matisse Museum of Modern Art.The park "Floral Phoenix" has a tropical garden "Green Diamond", it is possible to see a large number of exotic birds, butterflies and fish.

In Nice, largely due to Russian.So, you can visit the two Orthodox churches.Cathedral of St. Nicholas is the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe.There are graves of the Grand Duke Nicholas and his wife, as well as many immigrants from Russia.

Church of St. Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra Martyr is the first Orthodox church in the city.Build it began in 1856 on the initiative of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna - the widow of Emperor Nicholas I.

Kokad Russian Orthodox cemetery is located on the western outskirts of Nice.He buried more than 3000 Russian immigrants, many of whom are well-known names.To see all the museums of the city is very convenient to buy a special subscription.It is valid for a week and covers all municipal museums, in addition to the Chagall Museum and the Museum of the Department of Asian Art.Without a ticket to get into the museums of the city only in the first and third Sunday of each month.

Museum of Fine Arts was opened in 1928, it is possible to examine the works of artists and sculptors of the French Riviera.

famous Promenade des Anglais is so named becauseIt was built by the British.It is framed by 7 kilometers of beaches.

well-known hotel "Negresco" is famous for the fact that it always stayed celebrities and guests.All the furniture is antique in the hotel, all the rooms are different.

City Park Albert I decorated archway work Bernard Vienna.Massena is located between the old and new quarters.In the midst of her work can be seen Fountain true.It is surrounded by expensive hotels and boutiques.

Museum of Modern Art has a collection of works of European and American avant-garde artists.

old part of the city attracts tourists with its picturesque streets and the famous bazaar.It is separated from the sea Cours Saleya.

little way from the center of a park of miniatures representing the architectural landmarks of Côte d'Azur.

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