San Remo.

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Sanremo built, taking care of it inaccessible to the pirates and marauders .For this reason, in the old part of San Remo, you can see so many arches and narrow, winding streets leading to the top of the hill.At the top of the hill stands the Russian Orthodox Church, which was built in the early 20th century, wealthy emigrants.The Orthodox Church is a rarity for Italy.It was built in San Remo at the initiative of the Russian community.This temple is an active, but it does not have its own priest, and services are held regularly.

San Remo

Next to it is a building of the casino, which is the most famous casinos in Italy.It was created on the initiative of the wife of the Prince of Monaco and performed in a rare free architectural style.This casino is a municipal enterprise, although it was built on the money of the local banker.Income generated by the casino, to a large extent supported by the city budget.

San ​​Remo offers visitors great opportunities for entertainment.You can n

ot just swim and sunbathe, but also go boating, horseback riding, golf.In San Remo, a lot of first-class hotels.San Remo is a large yacht harbor, where there are two landing stage: the old and new.

San ​​Remo nightlife, there are clubs, discos , gourmets can find a great variety of bars, cafes and restaurants in the city center.Well in this city, and shopping.In the city center many boutiques.On Tuesday and Saturday you can visit the market.The beaches on the coast are mostly pebble, they are all very well equipped.

historic city center has long called Pigna ("fir cones").This city received the nickname because, when viewed from afar, rows of houses on the slope scales resemble cones.

For the beauty of the landscapes is to visit the city and surroundings, where you can find many small medieval towns.At 6 kilometers from San Remo is the city of the Taj, which is one of the largest historical centers of the Ligurian coast.

Events in San Remo

must say that the city of San Remo long been known to us thanks to popular music festivals of contemporary Italian music , which is held here annually in the first week of March.It was first held here January 29, 1951.

San ​​Remo is no less interesting and other cultural and sporting events.Every year in San Remo held readings and fashion shows, sailing regatta and car racing, boxing bouts and competitions in rowing.

Another significant event in this city, no doubt, can be called a parade of colors, which also takes place here every year.This colorful event deserves attention.Here you can see a platform with original compositions from flowers, which are represented by each of the cities of the Riviera.

In the famous Ariston theater regularly hosts operas, concerts and dramatic productions.

City Symphony Orchestra for a year gives about 120 concerts.

In addition, each year in July in San Remo also runs the International Fireworks Festival, which also attracts many tourists.

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