Lake Seliger.

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City Valdai sometimes called "Little Switzerland".It is located on the shores of Lake Valdai.Valdai Hills striking natural beauty and is a protected area and an elite holiday destination.About 86% of the Valdai National Park is a forest, there are also lakes, hills and rivers.

Museum of Nature Seliger region can be visited in the village matting.Here are the rare species of animals, birds and plants that live in these areas, as well as representatives of the underwater world of Lake Seliger.

Church Shirkov churchyard is on the lake Vselug.There are two churches: the Church of St. John the Baptist from the red brick and the wooden church of St. John the Baptist, which dates back to 1694 year.The height of the church is 45 meters.

come to Seliger's always interesting to see with my own eyes the origins of the great Russian rivers - the Volga.Near the village of Upper Volgina have pure spring - this is where the Volga begins.Above the spring it was built wooden house.Here y

ou can see the first bridge across the Volga.

Rest and treatment at Seliger

Lake Seliger

good to spend your vacation, do not necessarily aspire to distant lands.We must remember that in our country there are many beautiful and interesting places worth visiting.Lake Seliger, no doubt, is one of those places.Recreation on Lake Seliger - without a doubt, a real pleasure.On the shores of the lake each year opens new camp sites, rest houses and cozy pensions, which are focused on a family vacation.Everyone can find here a place to rest on your taste and budget.Seliger is navigable lake passengers are carried.

Summer Seliger warm and sunny.The rains are short, and the water in the lake to the middle of the summer warms up to + 25C.Seliger has a temperate continental climate.Winters are mild and stable.In winter the average temperature is -8 -9 degrees Celsius.In March and April, quite sunny.The peak season is July, but many people come here for the New Year and Christmas.

Seliger is very popular among lovers of water, hiking, cycling and motor tourism.If we talk about entertainment, the tourists are offered fishing, hunting, and excursions to local attractions.There are a variety of water sports and - swimming, jet skiing, boating, windsurfing, diving, etc.

Seliger spread around the entire forest untold wealth.Predominant here are pine forests, but there are mixed forests.There is always a lot of mushrooms and berries, birds sing.Until now, these forests are home to moose, bears, wolves, foxes, squirrels and hares.

Since ancient times, these lakes are famous for their fish.Once caught here polupudovyh perch, pike were many, bream, smelt the famous Seliger.Since fish stocks of these lakes abated, but still, good fishing here.Many people come here in the winter.Fishermen enjoys ice fishing, there is also a well-skating and skiing.

But the most popular form of tourism can be called at Seliger summer trips on the lakes.It is very nice to take a walk on the boat.It is convenient to use a double kayak, asit easily passes through the most narrow and small places.

It is also important to note that you can come here not only for recreation, but also for my health, helped by the climatic and balneological conditions of these places.This measured rest allows you to rest from the city hustle and bustle, enjoy the beauty of Russian nature and tranquility.

Doctors recommend these places to people in need of sedation, as well as patients with vegetative neurosis, hypertension, anemia, diseases of the respiratory system.Useful local climate also for people suffering from metabolic disorders, gout.