Factors of growth and development adenantosa

Conditions of Australian Christmas trees have a lot in common with those of other tropical flora.Let us examine them in detail.

  • light mode .Adenantos prefers bright light with a little shading, in other words - scattered ultraviolet.For this reason, to accommodate the Australian Exotic fit windows facing on any part of the world, except for the north.Shade can be using newspaper sheet or cotton cloth.
  • Heat mode .Despite the fact that wild species adenantosa thrive in the tropical zone of the southern hemisphere, that is, at high temperatures, with room options this will not work.Yes, Exotic intended for growing in a room of any climatic zone of the Earth, I love the heat, but within reason.In the summer should be maintained in the room with the culture temperature of 25 - 28º, in the winter season it is reduced to 10 - 15º, that is, in the cold plants need moderate coolness.
  • Humidity .Adenantos needs during the warm season in plenty of water.One way
    to meet this need it - to spray the plant with an atomizer.This measure is especially necessary if the air in a room with very dry adenantosom.In winter spraying unduly.
  • Soil and capacity .The plant should be planted in a spacious pot of medium size.As a substrate used soil mixture with weak acid in the pH range 5.0 - 5.5.Its main components are: leaf soil, peat, sand, fine expanded clay, as an option - in the form of gravel chips or vermiculite.Supplement may be pieces of pine bark.This substrate is well breathable and water and no interest for pests that can not play into the hands grower.

Care adenantosom

also want to repeat and remind tropical plant that resembles a miniature Christmas tree, is experiencing a huge demand for water.This means that watering crops have to be taken with great care and attention.

We can not allow full and even partial drying of the soil under the flower - the substrate should always be slightly moist, and just before the next watering the top layer of normal to dry slightly.But an excess of moisture in the ground for adenantosa also unacceptable - this culture can rot.Thus, in the summer, the plant requires a uniform, regular watering, coupled with the already mentioned spraying.Should be guided by the state of the substrate.In winter, watering is needed infrequently, only once - twice a month.Use of this procedure is necessary for the soft filtered water or rainwater, but it is only a recommendation.

fertilizing adenantosa performed throughout the growing season with a frequency of 1 every 3 - 4 weeks.Apply for this purpose fertilizer weakly acidic reaction.They are used to feed the popular house plants - azaleas and gardenias.Thus, you will not have problems with the purchase of concentrates.

need replanting every year.This is to prevent a state where adenantosu becomes close to its former pot and its declining livelihoods.Propagated by seeds adenantos.

Australian Flower vulnerable to the attack of pests and diseases.First presented by fungal diseases.The most common of them - gray mold.She appears on the leaves and the branches of the plant, especially the old and frail.The main sign of rot: brown spots with uneven outlines.The treatment is simple: change adenantosa with full replacement of earthen coma and processing antifungal agent.

pests damaging exotic plants, a little bit.It psevdoschitovka, spider mites and aphids.To deal with them will help the soap solution and processing of biologics flower.

Let adenantos become your pride and hallmark flower collection.With him in the house will always be comfortable and quiet!

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