Terms growing agapanthus

oriented hot southern climate, Agapanthus not something that is extremely demanding environmental factors, but still in need of special attention to his own person.The following are guidelines to observe that it is very desirable if you want to contemplate the beautiful Abyssinian in his city apartment or a country house for many years.

  • light mode .Africa exotic pet you arrange, of course, can not afford, and do not need to aspire to, but a sufficient amount of natural sunlight to provide the plant will still have.For this purpose, first, agapanthus place on the south window, and allowed the southeast or south-western part of the apartment.This is a very important condition must be performed at least in the summer - African lily will grow better.Otherwise, the rebel, mainly flower stalks - elongated, surpassing all conceivable norms.
  • Heat mode .Here we follow similar rules.For a normal state of health Agapanthus scorching heat is not needed, as long as the room tempera
    ture is in the range 22 - 25º (old version).In winter Thermal regime change, as might be expected: it is +12 + 15º.In other words, in the room where he lives African lily, it should be cool, but certainly without drafts.In the summer, by the way, it is useful to keep the plant from time to time in the open air, or at least a balcony.
  • Humidity .It is not a condition, without which said, "life is not life."Agapanthus accustomed to air dry, so you can not take care of the addition to the regular watering spraying the green parts of the plant.But if you dare to imagine the existence of a little more difficult, for sure you will not regret: African lily will bloom longer and look better.
  • Soil and container planting .As a container, where you settle agapanthus, fit a tub or wide shallow container.At the bottom of the drain must be material.The composition of the substrate for a standard room Exotics: take a sheet, humus, clay-turf ground and sand in the ratio 1: 2: 2: 1.

Care Basics Agapanthus - the flower of love

sprayed you Agapanthus or not - is not so important, but the plants need watering mandatory.And moderation peculiar to this procedure only in the winter - the land in this case should not have time to dry out.In the summer, spring and fall in the first half of the abundant moisture of the soil is not required - just the vegetation is in full swing.During this period, the plant fed organic and mineral fertilizers: alternately twice a month.Thus, African lily will get all the necessary nutrients.

Transplant species Agapanthus carried out every few years - it regards the mature specimens, and the young and still very young transplanted each year.Substrate take the same as that of landing exactly like container.

If you live in a country house has its own plot of land and want to decorate his African lily blossoms, it is quite possible.But there is one condition: you must live in a region with warm southern climates.Then you will not have to dig up plants for the winter.Suffice it to hide their sawdust, straw or sand.And digging Agapanthus, a copy should be kept garden in a cool place until spring.

Breeding African lily There are two ways to choose from grower: seeds and division of rhizomes (bush).First performed in March and the month.Seeding is carried out in a sandy-sheet substrate, the seed is shallow, and contain sprayed under glass.Take care that the soil constantly moist.Daily airs seedlings with a few green leaves, relocated plants in pots - in s pieces in a container.

dividing the bush or rhizomes makes it easier to reach the goal.It is important to be careful in order not to damage the plant.The best time for this method of reproduction Agapanthus - after flowering, but can be combined with a transfer procedure.Parts of the bush planted in individual pots with moist substrate (room conditions) or between plants can withstand a distance of 50 cm, do not forget to mulch the soil around the latter-day African lilies in the garden.

Agapanthus the strength not only keep your home cozy atmosphere with a touch of the exotic, but also to attract love into your life.Believe me - and you will be given!

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