• light mode .Mexican immigrants must be a sufficient number of strong sunlight, the plant pritenenie unacceptable.Thus, the ideal solution for flower pot with succulent - south window.In winter, the plant should be kept on the sunny side of the apartment.
  • Heat mode .Agave is perfectly adapted to the temperature changes.For this reason, in the summer it is possible to bring it to the balcony.If these things possible, ventilate the room more often, which is a succulent.Thanks to such arrangements, even extremely high temperature will not bring any harm to the plant.In cold weather, the thermometer in the room with agave must not fall below 4 - 6º.The highest limit - 10º.
  • Humidity .Like all succulents, agave no claims to the quality of this indicator.Plant feels excellently at low saturation moisture air and does not need to increase it.
  • Soil and container planting .With a view to growing agave in ambient conditions using standard flower pots small size.Before you plant a plant, you must provide hi
    m with an excellent drainage.As for the qualitative composition of the substrate, stop your choice on the following mixture of soil: clay and sod, ground sheet and coarse river sand in the ratio 3: 1: 1.As additional components needed charcoal, bone meal and limestone.They are needed to improve soil fertility and soil decontamination.

Care agave home

Since agave is not demanding to much moisture the air, it can be assumed if a rich plant and watering is not necessary.But no, even as it is needed!It is plentiful and not too often, but regularly.The soil in the pot between waterings should not dry up completely.This is true for any time of year.In autumn and winter, with the onset of dormancy period the number of irrigation more cutting - rather than once a week.But if a special cool in a room with no plant, the frequency is increased to three times.

Agave responsive to the land application of complex fertilizers , specifically designed for succulents.These are the mixtures that we use in feeding cactus.They do not contain chlorine and focus on potassium and phosphorus.Nitrogen in such concentrates is very small.Feeding is carried out during the active growing season - from May to August, once or twice a month.


direct frequency is dependent on the age of copies.Young agave need this procedure annually, mature forms prefer to change residence every few years.The most important event in the process of growing room agave - reproduction.The owner succulent have a choice: to breed from succulent using child processes ("children"), seed, side outlets, root or stem scions.Agave is subject to disease and attacks from pests.Among the first is worth mentioning fungal disease - rot, refer to the second mealybugs, scale insects.

agave - the plant is very useful .The juice of the leaves has a laxative, diuretic, antiseptic, wound-healing properties.The mucus released by plant roots is strong on the part of sexually transmitted diseases and dental problems.The pulp used in the preparation of homemade cosmetics and soap making.In short, the agave - healing multifunctional exotic, which should be in every home!