First of all, Abel must be good lighting, be sure to only scattered.Direct sunlight can kill a graceful flower regardless of its type.Nevertheless, it is desirable to have a plant in the southern and south-eastern windows - they just shade the thin c / b curtains.

Another important external factor of successful growth and development of the eastern flower - to maintain optimum indoor air temperature.In summer, it should be no higher than 22º, it has room.In the winter season of 10 - 15º, but it should be to lower the Mid-Autumn Festival.

ventilated areas, where Abel is possible only after removing the plant from the room - drafts are harmful to ornamental plants, even in summer, not to mention the cold time of year.

Oriental flower likes high humidity, so that in addition to irrigation, which will be discussed later, the foliage is necessary to irrigate with warm water from the sprinkler in a particularly hot days.

Grow Abel in a large pot.She fits the mixed substrate composed of sand and earthy mi

x of compost, peat soil and turf.Components are taken in the ratio 1: 2: 2: 2.


Care Abel

Since Abelia can not exist without high humidity, it needs abundant watering - in the spring and summer, performed regularly.The drying of the substrate is unacceptable, even in the cold season, but autumn flower need less water, while in winter only occasionally.Asian beauty responsive to fertilizing soil.During the growing season, which lasts from late March until September, the substrate is provided with a flower every two weeks a special fertilizer for indoor plants.Alternatively, you can use a separate organic and mineral supplements, arranging their alternation.In autumn and winter, this event does not need to spend.

Transplanted adult plant only when necessary.This process should take place in the spring, with the start of the growing season.The substrate used is the same as at planting or universal shape.Young specimens desirable to replant every year, because the growth of young Abel's too intense.So much so that you may need to change the pot and the soil or once per 365 days.

If you have lots of means the main purpose of the Abel - decorative - should not ignore the element care flower as trimming.The event was carried out at the end of the flowering period.Pruning should be maximum - this will allow the plant to begin the process of tillering.Making it to the end of the winter, you will achieve a lush crown Abel.

Reproduction indoor flower Abelia occurs in two ways : seeds and cuttings.Both of them are good, because in any case the young plants are likely to bloom in the year of its appearance.If a grower chooses Abel breeding seeds, they should be sown in January.The method provides for the use as a means of obtaining new plant apical stem cuttings or shoots are used in the spring.For rooting, they are placed in a substrate consisting of perlite, peat and sand.The room temperature should be between 20-25º.

Abelia is subject to attack pests .These include, first of all, aphids and thrips, mealybug, spider mites, Jose scale.In order to prevent the occurrence of the above pests, you need to properly care for the flower - as you already know.Holte and cherish his Abel - that's the whole secret of the success of its prosperity!