Abutilon (room maple).

Growing abutilon

  • light mode .The sun's rays are needed abutilon constantly and in large quantities.However, this does not mean that they should be straight.Just the same light, which does not preclude, able to hurt abutilon.For Pets maple apartment suitable south window.In winter, should include the fluorescent lamp.
  • Heat mode .Negative external effects of wind, rain, drafts are fraught with the fact that Evergreen abutilon in an instant lose their foliage and beautiful flowers.If you decide to make a summer plants outdoors, make sure that the above-mentioned threats to not touch your pet.
  • Indoors with abutilon (potted maple) during the growing season is recommended to maintain the temperature of the air within the 22 - 25º.In winter, these figures decreased to 12 - 15º.Abrupt temperature changes, regardless of the time of year for abutilon unacceptable.
  • Humidity .Irrigation foliage abutilon from the sprinkler is not required, but is highly desirable.This should be done only when necessary, su
    ch as in the summer heat.
  • Soil and container planting .Pot for indoor maple is chosen sufficiently large and deep, especially if you are a mistress of trees.Prepare a solid substrate, which reaction should be slightly acid or close to neutral.The composition of the soil mix comprises the following: humus, turf, leaf soil and sand.The ratio of ingredients - 1: 2: 1: 0.5.Do not want to hassle - ready to use soils "Palma".It can be purchased at any specialized shop.

Care abutilon

abutilon loves water, so the water should be abundant - this applies to the growing season.In cold weather, with the advent of the resting phase frequency significantly reduce soil moisture, but the drying of the soil in the pot, you should not avoid.In winter, the plant does not require watering, if unable to maintain the temperature in the range of 10 - 15º, i.e., the thermometer reaches higher elevations.Feed room maple (abutilon) organic fertilizers during the growing season.The frequency of their application to the soil - twice a month.

produce spring replanting.As the owner of an adult abutilon, performs this procedure every few years.If you have at home is growing young abutilon, change his soil mix and a pot each year.Capacity for the transplant take several wider than the previous for abundant flowering in the future.

Pruning is necessary in order to form the crown and the release of the indoor maple branches that prevent the full operation of the plant.To foliage formed a "cap" should be cut in early spring shoots live a third of their length.Young specimens require topping tops of green branches.

propagated by cuttings abutilon semilignified (variegated forms, variety with green leaves) and seeds (only varieties with vegetative organs emerald).Abutilon breeding operations are performed in the spring.

abutilon have a lot of enemies in the face of insect pests, compared with other plants native to the tropical zone.This mealybug, whitefly, spider mite.To protect the indoor maple (abutilon) from the attacks of the latter, you need only increase the humidity in the room.From all other treatment will help the leaves with soap solution.

You can easily breed of abutilon flower near her house, if you live in a region with a warm climate.Hybrid varieties are more bright colors of flowers and a long flowering period.Begin to make friends with a potted maple - will not regret!

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