Harmful and hazardous indoor plants

Steller dwarf considered medicinal plants, but it can be treated only under medical supervision;at home the same conditions, accidentally swallowed a piece of sheet Steller can strongly burn its poisonous juice vocal cords - so that they swell and even onemeyut.These same properties Rodeo Japanese, plant the lily family - it really is the birthplace of the Japanese islands.

If the room is growing oleander, it can bloom beautifully for a long time, but the fragrance of its flowers many people causes dizziness, and sap is deadly.Once inside the human or animal body, it causes disturbances of the heartbeat, loss of consciousness and stop breathing: it is clear that in families where there are small children and animals, finding oleander unacceptable.

Very bright and beautiful blooming azaleas - many women like them, but if the piece of leaf azalea into the stomach, cramps and colic - a plant is highly toxic.

tulip Gesner - a perennial plant, flowers and beautiful red, pink, white and yellow buds;used i

n medicine, but the treatment they own is prohibited because it is very poisonous.If the room a few years growing the tulip, from the people living there are much hair to fall out, and could end baldness.

gentle and whimsical Mimosa pudica attracts women with his "fluffy" globular lilac flowers, but the effect on the health about the same as the tulip Gesner: cause poisoning in animals and hair loss in men.

next group of harmful plants does not cause such severe consequences, but the causes of ill health and chronic disease, although people often can not understand exactly what caused their health problems.

gentle and graceful lily night secrete a lot of carbon dioxide, so the morning of those who are in the apartment may have a headache, especially if the flower is in the bedroom.Gradually it appears and insomnia - it provokes a strong scent of lilies, so keep them in the apartment is possible, but not too much - one flower is enough, and away from the bedroom - in the living room or hallway.The same properties have orchids and ferns.

Harmful and hazardous indoor plants

Tuberose beautiful and fragrant, long blooming, but high blood pressure and heart problems should not keep them in the house: they tuberose fragrance of flowers causes dizziness and depressed.

Allergic reactions can cause ordinary and geraniums, but that does not mean that it is necessary to refuse from: geranium has many medicinal properties, but before you put it at home, it is necessary to make sure that you safely carry her scent.

Hydrangea - too beautiful and medicinal plants, and even used in medicine, but in some people it causes skin allergies - there are people with individual intolerance.

Signs and beliefs about the harmful colors

What should treat signs and legends associated with potted flowers?

What did not you hear from friends and acquaintances, for example, many women believe that the cactus cause the stronger sex propensity to alcoholism and ivy promotes campaigns husband "left" - wondering how potted plants may well tempt men?

Another sign: if you keep in the house flowering plants - in fact there are many houseplants, whose beauty lies in the leaves - the wealth and prosperity will bypass your side.It turns out that there are plenty of flowering plants in the opposite way?So, in order that the house had money, it is necessary to have a whole greenhouse plants with bright flowers, and only this will be enough?

If people would take the plant "guilty" for their problems and try to solve these problems, throwing some potted plants, and multiplying the other, it can be a good florist, but his wealth and personal happiness is unlikely to wait: for the first andfor the second it is necessary to make their own efforts and not rely on the power of will.

Unfortunately, in today's world, people just dump their problems and failures on anyone and anything, like hundreds of years ago - for example, in the Middle Ages, but would not take responsibility for their lives onthemselves.

But the omens come true, and some people can lead a bunch of examples, and dismiss them may be difficult, but somewhere deep down there is fear: what if it's true?So, any signs of "work" only if one believes in them hard, and even the simple concern can lead to trouble.Thoughts really are material - about it today even know the students, we should not pretend that all this is nonsense and mysticism - it is a simple law of nature.Try to check it out for yourself: give up negative thoughts at least for one day, and replace them with positive - it will not be easy, but the world will begin to change before our eyes - for the better.

Choosing plants for the home, should be guided by common sense: for example, if on a small area to separate large tropical plants, or a lot of climbing and creeping vines, the atmosphere in the room is unhealthy.Parasitic plants, which are in the nature of a lot, too, should not be kept at home - their energy is not the best;and a lot of plants of one species also breed is not necessary.And all the flowers that grow in your home should please all family members - and then everything will be fine.

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