What flowers should be at home.

What flowers should be at home

beautiful flower - camellia, helps to reveal the creative potential and the therapeutic properties of her lot.For example, Japanese camellia can be used as a tea, brewing it buds and leaves - the plant belongs to the family, even tea.The young leaves and buds camellia contain substances that improve metabolism of fat in the body, so the tea of ​​them is great help for those who want to lose weight.

This flower is the poinsettia, very beautiful but toxic: its bright red flowers can not be touched by hands - it is better to wear gloves or just wash your hands after caring for the flower.However, poinsettia helps to develop the talents and abilities, and it attracts a lot of people that blooms in December, when it's bitter cold - no wonder it's called the Christmas star.No wonder that this flower is recommended to keep the apartment for people who are prone to melancholy and depression - the brightness and beauty of its large color helps to improve mood and forget about the negative.

amazing ornamental plant - Aglaonema and it is usually bred for beautiful foliage - large, deep-green, or green with white, pale green or pink pattern - aglaonem types are different.The benefits of Aglaonema, many argue: leaves her too poisonous, and after they should wash their hands with soap and water, but the meticulous care of this flower does not require, but destroys streptococci, replaces the air ionizer, helps to relieve stress, relieves depression and enhances performance - goodto put it in places where people are engaged in intellectual work.

What flowers should be at home

By useful and beautiful houseplants applies Gerbera Jameson.Dilute it a lot, because of the beautiful and long blooming flowers - they can be any color except blue.Flowers Gerbera collected in baskets, as many plants of the family Asteraceae, and the baskets can be very large (for pot plants) - up to 30 cm in diameter, and the basket is in one to several hundreds of flowers.However, Gerber also cleans the air in the rooms, soaking up pollution and toxins - this, too, should know.

very popular in our country begonias: in nature there are about 1000 species, but as indoor plants grown only about 30. The beauty of the flowers and leaves of begonias can not describe, but the beneficial properties they have so many that all even tell fail.For example, to talk about the need to separate the application of begonias in the treatment of diseases of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract, female diseases and reproductive tract infections, joint pains, burns, wounds and ulcers, snake bites, etc.

In the room where a lot of growing begonias, the air is always moist, and there is less dust - begonias attract dust, and in gratitude for that they need to be frequently sprayed with water at room temperature from a spray - you can even gently wash the leaves under the shower.Begonias destroyed in indoor air up to 80% of fungi and pathogens, reduce the radiation exposure of computers and household appliances - Today, when we are literally "overgrown" these devices, it has become very important.Bright colors begonias feel better - they are recommended to use floroterapevty: yellow begonias good place near the computer - they give a rest to your eyes, orange and pink relieve sadness and depression, and bright red relieve fatigue and increase efficiency.

Rosemary - a plant of warm countries, but it is quite possible to grow on a windowsill, just enough to cool - heat from the batteries would affect him badly.Once in the room there is rosemary, you can forget about fatigue and fatigue, loss of strength and neuroses - long known that contained in the plant essential oils have a number of therapeutic action: anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, and others. Grow in his room or in the office of rosemary, andyou improve concentration and memory.

Another plant that many of our compatriots are not often aware grow houses - bay laurel.In Europe, it can be found in almost every apartment - where it is grown for about 600 years, but we are used to seeing, and bay leaf to buy in the store, but there it is sold in a dried form, and often loses its beneficial properties due to long storage.Laurel - it is also a plant of the characteristics which should be written separately: grow it at home, you can cook with it effective drugs for the treatment of angina, diathesis, gallstones, rheumatism, heartburn, barley, etc., and to add to soups and freshfragrant bay leaves much nicer than the dried and stale store.Essential oil laurel also has many therapeutic actions, and could put the plant in the bedroom - the scent of laurel relaxes and soothes, - if it did not like the coolness.In winter, the better to keep Laurel at about 10-12 ° C, if there is an apartment building - for example, you can bring it to the glazed balconies, and in the spring, as soon will be a little warmer in the day to put it in the open air.Laurus in the room can grow up to 15 years.

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