Dead Sea : the healing properties and treatment .Attractions and Resorts Dead Sea .Medical water, dirt and air of the Dead Sea

Health and Beauty Tourism

From the Dead Sea can not only get rid of a number of diseases, rest and gain strength.Here you can see the sights of the biblical, archaeological and historical nature.

Tourists are offered excursions to the cave flour, caves of Qumran and Lot, the fortress of Masada, in the oasis of Ein Gedi, in the Mujib Nature Reserve and many more.

Dead Sea

So, for example, the caves of Qumran known fact that in their 40 years of the 20th century have been found, the so-called "Dead Sea Scrolls", is one of the original versions of the Bible.To reach the caves of Qumran have to drive 20 km from the fork in the road Jericho Eilat.

other equally popular cave is called the cave of Lot.According to Biblical tradition here after the destruction of Sodom, Lot took refuge with her daughters.Near the cave is located, and a pillar of salt, which is its shape resembles a human figure.The column is called "Lot's wife."It is believed that in this way God punished the woman, violating the ban on her: s

he looked back while fleeing from Sodom.Today there is an active monastery with the church, built in Byzantine style.

This interest is at tourists and the mountain of Masada - ancient fortress on top of 400 meter impregnable rock, overlooking the Dead Sea.It appeared during the reign of King Herod and was one of the last places of battles with the Jews by the Romans.At the time, next to the fortress was built by "Hanging Palace", the impressive ruins of which have survived to the present day.

Dead Sea

most important resort area of ​​the Dead Sea is considered an Israeli Ein Bokek, in Hebrew means the source pioneers.At this point the focus several dozen hotels of different levels: from 3 to 5 stars, shops, hospitals and entertainment facilities.

However, the Dead Sea, you can relax and while in Jordan.There is less of hotels, but this in no way affects the service and quality of services.

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