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Gora Akhun: Sochi attractions


Mount Akhun (Sochi) is the highest peak of the urban neighborhoods in which at the beginning of the last century, the tower was built.With its observation deck (700 meters above sea level) offers an unforgettable view of the city, the sea distance and the Caucasus mountain range.There is an opinion that a clear and cloudless weather with a tower you can see even the distant coast of Turkey.From the mountain Akhun can get to Agur gorge with cascading waterfalls and a unique legendary Eagle Rock.According to the ancient tradition of one of them was chained Prometheus, who gave fire to people.

Krasnaya Polyana: Sochi attractions


Krasnaya Polyana, the so-called "Russian Switzerland", located 70 km from the city center and close to fifty kilometers from the sea.Here, pure mountain air, diverse flora and scenic landscapes.A few hours journey to Krasnaya Polyana nature of the vegetation varies from subtropical to alpine.Rhododendron, alder,

oak, chestnut, walnut, maple and many other species of flora that are typical for different latitudes appear all the way to the village.Krasnaya Polyana - a combination of a comfortable summer and winter holidays with interesting excursion routes, among which highlights Pskhluskie mineral springs, mountain range Achishkho, Aibga Mountain and alpine lake Kardyvach.

Yew-tree grove (Host): Sights Sochi


Yew-tree grove (the host) is a unique natural phenomenon, which more than half consists of relics, miraculously surviving, and endeminikov- plants which grow only in this place and not found anywhere else.Of course, the grove is a protected area, and her visit is strictly controlled.Here it is allowed to attend only one path length of one and a half thousand meters, however, and it becomes enough to understand all the grandeur of these centuries-old plants.Grove is especially beautiful in spring when the top giants twined vines, and their roots are covered with spring primroses: violets, tsiklomenami and snowdrops.It is thought that a walk among the ancient yews and boxwood is able to fill the human health and vigor.

Stalin's dacha: Sochi attractions

Stalin's dacha carries its visitors in the era of the 30s.In this building, which was built on a mountain top and valley between Matsesta Agursky gorge you can see many things the former leader, including family photos, personal desk, a favorite leather sofa, and even made his personal request - billiard table.There exhibited a wax figure of Joseph Stalin with a commemorative pipe in his hand.Stalin's dacha like to visit as ordinary tourists and politicians from different countries.

Along with visits to the many attractions in Sochi you can relax "cultural", "sports", "extreme" and "in a family way."As you know, every year in this city hosts a variety of festivals, including the "Kinotavr" and KiViN.In addition, in the Greater Sochi built several aquariums, water parks and dolphin.And for fans of extreme sports, the resort offers rafting, trips on off-road and mountain biking, scuba diving, as well as rare in our country - kitesurfing.

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