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Today Alexandria - a modern port city, resort town and the town museum at the same time.The length of its beaches is about 40 kilometers away, while the climate is much milder than on the coast of the Red Sea.This is really one of the best places where you can combine a comfortable beach vacation with sightseeing.Fort Kite Bay, built from the ruins of the famous Pharos lighthouse;pharaohs, combining ancient Egyptian and antique style;carved into the rock in the three floors of the Catacombs of Kom ash-Shavkafa serving the tombs of the rulers of Egypt - all this is just the tip of the iceberg attractions of Alexandria.

resort town of Egypt - Luxor attractions


almost 1,000 kilometers from Alexandria and 650 miles from Cairo far inland is another important excursion center of Egypt - the ancient city of Luxor.It is located on both sides of the Nile, and keeps still many unsolved mysteries.In Luxor still are excavations of ancient Egyptian monuments.This city is rightly c

alled "the largest open-air museum."There is the world-famous Luxor Temple, built in honor of the Egyptian gods Amon (the Sun God), Mut (the mother goddess) and Hounsou (son of Amun and Mut, the god of the moon), which just amazes particularly impressive and beautiful complete with modern night lighting.It leads to the temple avenue of sphinxes, the excavation work which continues to this day.Not far from the church there are two statues of Ramses II and obelisk made of red granite.Once these obelisks, which are monolithic, carved from a homogeneous block of stone, had two poles.However, one of them was taken out of Egypt by Napoleon, and has since become a landmark of Paris Place de la Concorde.On the opposite bank of the Nile Luxor Temple are the ruins of the temple of Amenhotep III funerary and towering among them sedentary statue of the Pharaoh's 20-meter height.Also, it is in Luxor is the only survivor from the tomb of Tutankhamun vandalnogo looting available for viewing tourists.

Resort cities of Egypt

Apart from the rich historical and cultural heritage of Egypt is also famous for its spas.Moreover, many tourists visit the country because of its natural beauty, especially for the unique flora and fauna of the Red Sea.The resort area of ​​Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Taba, Dahab, El Gouna, Safaga and others are open to visitors all year round.The water temperature in the Red Sea, even in winter does not fall below 20 degrees and the air temperature in the middle of the coast below 22 ° C.

Diving, surfing, sea fishing are available in most resort areas listed above.Coral reefs is particularly famous for Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada on the contrary sloping beaches and clean sand.And he and the other city is equally suitable for youth and for families.

natural extension of Hurghada - Safaga - a popular place for lovers of sailing and surfing.The special nature of ocean currents and winds makes it relatively safe these types of water activities, even for untrained beginners.

Resort Taba is located almost on the border with Israel, it is considered respectable and quiet place with a high level of service and a relaxing atmosphere.

In any case, whatever the Egyptian resort you might be, you will always be glad to welcome Egyptians, excellent service, great food, hot sun and unforgettable vacation.

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