Yalta : tourism and recreation .Climate and attractions in Yalta : " Swallow's Nest" , Mount Ai-Petri , cableway "Miskhor - Ai-Petri "

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As mentioned earlier, at the time of Yalta was a leisure center of the royal family and numerous courtiers.In this regard, there were built many palaces, mansions and other majestic buildings, some of which still stands intact and is today as the historical and architectural monuments.

The most popular ones include Livadia Palace, the summer residence of Nicholas II - the last emperor of Russia;Massandra Palace, a building built in the style of the time of Louis XIII for Tsar Alexander III, who did not attend was given to him;Vorontsov Palace, designed by English architect - author projects Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

sight of Yalta "Swallow's Nest»


special place among all the architectural structures of the Big Yalta takes "Swallow's Nest" - a house built on a steep 40-meter cliff of Cape Ai-Todor.This structure is reminiscent of its kind medieval knight's castle, is considered to be a kind of symbol, and the hallmark of the entire Southern coast of Cri

mea.The history of "Swallow's Nest" begins back in 1877 when this place was erected a wooden structure for one of the Russian generals who fought in the Russian-Turkish war.After the death of the general house passed into the possession of the court the king's physician, and after his house was sold to the Moscow merchant's wife (and according to some actress) by the name of Rakhmanov.It was she who gave this place the name "Swallow bay."However, the extant form of this structure was built to oil industrialist Baron von Steinheil, who loved to rest in the Crimea.It was on his orders was created by the project, and later, and the original castle was built in the Gothic style.As a result, on a small area of ​​the cliff is a building rising to a height of 12 meters and is surrounded by a lovely garden.Unfortunately, in 1927, a powerful earthquake struck the garden into the sea, under the lower part of the balcony came off cliffs and deep crack went through a significant part of the castle.And over the next 40 years, the building could not be used.In the period from 1967 to 1968 "Swallow's Nest" has been restored partially mutated both externally and internally, and, in addition, further enclosed anti-seismic belts, designed to protect the building from possible aftershocks.The main tower was also increased in height and has gained even more decorative because of the four pointed spire.Today the "Swallow's Nest" is open to tourists.In it housed a restaurant, souvenir shops and an observation deck.

Yalta mountain and the mountain cat, the mountain of St. Peter's (Ai-Petri),
Bear Mountain (Au-Dag)

Natural Beauty of Yalta and its environs as well, of course, are its attractions.Mountains and cliffs (rock Iphigenia, the Twin Rocks), surrounding the city have their own rich history, which includes a variety of secrets and legends.Among them stands out the mountain cat, the slopes of which is a museum of relief forms.It replaced the chaos of boulders peaks, towers, and is complemented by numerous karst depressions.Mountain Cat is both a monument of nature and history.She had traces of two settlements dating from the Bronze Age more.


Mount St. Peter's (Ai-Petri), despite the fact that no different giant size, along with the "Swallow's Nest" is generally accepted symbol of Crimea.Her relief in the form of several teeth, completes the line amphitheater formed by the mountains, and especially popular with tourists.

next mountain, which is recommended to visit - it's Bear Mountain (Au-Dag), it is quite small, about 600 meters, but it has an impressive area of ​​5 square and its shape resembles a bear.Ayu-Dag is a state nature reserve and a natural mineralogical museum.Like the mountain cat, it was inhabited by people back in the IV century BC.

cableway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri»


For convenience, admiring the natural beauty of these mountains was built cableway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri."The travel time by cable car in 20 minutes, and with its top station with a spectacular view of the mountains Cats and Ayu-Dag.

Upon arrival in Yalta, everyone will find something for the taste and purse of, from extreme mountain hikes and ending with a romantic stroll along the seafront promenade.Particularly interesting here during the warm season, when the city a few months transformed into a cultural center of Ukraine.It hosts a variety of artistic and musical festivals, including the original festival bartenders and fireworks festival.