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Egypt - a unique country, because of the fact that, firstly, it holds about 80% of the world's cultural heritage, preserved to our days, and, secondly, there is the Pyramid of Cheops- the only surviving wonder of the world.


Pyramid of Cheops is near Cairo - capital of Egypt, on the edge of the desert plateau of Giza.In addition to her along the left bank of the Nile are located more than a hundred lesser known but no less majestic and monumental pyramids.They are all different and unlike one another: small and large, multi-stage, and with a completely smooth sides, has retained its original character and is a kind of shapeless heap of stones.There at the foot of the Giza plateau is the Great Sphinx and numerous funerary temples of the Egyptian nobility.

Visit the pyramids is often accompanied by a visit to the National Museum in Cairo, where huge collection of Egyptian antiquities.There, in the capital, you can visit the Museum of Perfume, jewelry a

nd papyrus factories, as well as the biggest market in the Middle East, "Khan El Khalili."He has not changed for six centuries of its existence, and gives everyone the opportunity to plunge into the eastern exoticism.Also in Cairo, there are other attractions: Al-Azhar Mosque and Mohammed Ali, Andalusian gardens, the tower of Beit Al Sennar, etc.In this largest city of the African continent, everyone can find something that will not leave him indifferent.

And of course, one of Egypt's main attractions is its mad beauty Red Sea with the unique underwater flora and fauna.


all Egyptian Red Sea coast is a solid resort area with several major centers such as Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, El Gouna, Safaga and Dahab.Here you can find hotels in various price categories, you can relax with the family, children or an unforgettable romantic weekend.And if suddenly the beauty of the sea you bored, you can always go on a tour and discover another Egypt, with its ancient history and culture.

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