Tunisia: recreation and tourism in Tunisia.

Health and Beauty Tourism

Hotels Tunisia

distinctive feature of hotels in Tunisia is not very vast area and not too large rooms.What it is most likely connected with the fact that the tourists usually spend very little time in hotels, but those equipped with everything necessary for a good rest.

Tunisia especially like those who like to combine, that is, spend a day at the beach, an evening stroll around the city, gradually moving to a disco or bar.Dining is usually based on half board, unlike Egypt or Turkey, where "all inclusive".The hotel also does not offer the usual fun and active.But there are exceptions - a hotel chain Magic Life, on whose territory the full range of services: full board and animations and even a water slide.

Interestingly, the traditional hotel harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape.The interior is not usually full of design, with the exception, perhaps, of hotels Iberostar.But if you want comfort combined with comfort and dimensions, it is necessary to give pre

ference to chain hotels Hasdrubal Thalassa.Such hotels in Tunisia are only three: in Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba.Here you will be pleasantly surprised not traditional Tunisian spacious elegant rooms, helpful service and highlighted a variety of programs of thalassotherapy.

Talassotsentry Tunisia

All Tunisian talassotsentry used for therapeutic purposes, curative fresh sea water, which contributes to their competent location right on the coast.Best of thalassotherapy centers are located in Hammamet, and include complexes Nahreweiss Thalassa and Bio Azur, combined with the hotels.Typically, doctors at these centers are specialists trained in France.Each visitor is given an individual consultation with a view to selecting the most appropriate course of treatment.Improvement in talassotsentrah enhances immunity and vitality, relieve stress and tension, alleviate pain in joints and back.Here you can be offered and special integrated programs: cosmetic, restorative, post-natal, anti-smoking or to lose weight.Each such center is equipped with the most modern equipment and built taking into account the best construction technologies.

Excursions in Tunisia

thrill and great pleasure to be gained from excursions in Tunisia.Especially memorable is an excursion to the Sahara, which cost a little over $ 100, it takes two days, but will leave a lasting impression.Exotic landscapes of Tunisia, the gigantic ruins of an amphitheater, three types of oases and magical sunset, which you can find on the edge of the great deserts of the world.

not less popular excursion to Carthage.Of interest are the ruins of the ancient city, and passing the town of Sidi Bou Said, which for Tunisians is something like the prestigious Beverly Hills.

If you decide to travel around the country in a rented car, start your itinerary with Zaguana settlement, the famous water temple and most interesting views.Following, visit Tuburbo majus place where today excavations of the ancient city, while clearing the foundations of ancient buildings archaeologists even manage to restore the mosaic floors.The ending of your trip can be an interesting place - the city of Arc, which is a real ancient metropolis on the hilltop area of ​​this city - and twenty hectares.It is perfectly preserved Capitoline temple with a magnificent colonnade and the theater that once housed 2,500 spectators.The special charm of the place is also the fact that there are virtually no tourists since Doug rarely get bus tours.

visit Tunisia, and you will want to come back again!