Pamukalle : sights.The climate , the ruins of the city of Hierapolis , hot springs and travertine in Pamukkale

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Pamukkale: hot springs and travertine

In most cases, a visit to the thermal springs and travertine associated with tourists called Pamukkale.Many hundreds or even thousands of years from the slopes of a nearby mountain Chaldag beat hot springs in the chemical composition of which there is a limestone solution and carbon dioxide is a strong concentration.Stacks and gradually cools, the water layer of the layer covers the hillsides white coating of calcium bicarbonate, creating a unique geological deposits - travertine.Thus for centuries and formed the petrified waterfalls, terraces and pools of snow-white color, reminiscent of the huge castle from afar as if made of cotton.

Until recently by travertine could walk barefoot, but because of their fragility and the natural increase in the annual number of visitors, today it is not possible.Now travertine "cotton castle" can only walk on a dedicated path of or admire them from afar.

visitors to Pamukkale, offering also feel t

he healing power of the local hot springs, because even the Roman and Byzantine emperors came here to restore their health and strength.Moreover, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra bathed in the waters of Pamukkale, thereby maintaining its attractiveness and youth.Pool called her name is a five minute walk from the mountain.It is filled with warm (35 ° C) saline water gushing from under the ground.Cleopatra's pool water is rich with calcium sulfate, magnesium and saturated hydrocarbon, due to what on the surface appear constantly splashing, and the entire body is covered in immersion small bubbles which creates an incredible pleasant feeling.Swimming in the pool of Cleopatra paid, but that the flow of those wishing to try out for yourself the magic of the reservoir does not decrease.Like this one, as well as other hot springs of Pamukkale help get rid of many diseases, such as hypertension, rheumatism, paralysis, gastritis, asthma and bronchitis.The treatment course under the supervision of a qualified professional to help you get rid of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous and cardiovascular systems.With the help of calcium-rich waters of Pamukkale are treated as diseases of the musculoskeletal system and urinary tract.

far from Pamukkale (about 5 km) is another healing springs - Karahaita.In contrast to the snow-white waters of Pamukkale, its bright red color, and the temperature reaches 60 ° C.Visit Karahaita recommend that people with severe pain and chronic illnesses of varying severity.

excursion to Pamukkale

Standard excursion to Pamukkale usually takes one day, including the road to the hotel and back, and therefore on the self admiring the beauty remains no more than three hours.This time is not always enough to get acquainted with all the sights "cotton castle" and its surrounding area.But it is enough that in your memory forever etched all the beauty of this amazing place.Seasoned travelers are well advised to go to Pamukkale yourself at least 2-3 days, using for this purpose an ordinary regular bus and staying in local hotels.

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