Mahdia - Resort Tunisia.

Health and Beauty Tourism

As mentioned above, gates Skiff El-Kala - the only thing that remained of the protective walls 10 meters thick, erected in the 10th century AD.Every Friday, there is a market, and for this reason everything is full of festive Tunisian dresses.Robes Mahdia residents are particularly colorful, they are made of silk and decorated with embroidery of gold threads.As for the men, sometimes they can be seen with a small bouquet of jasmine behind the ear.If a man is married, a bouquet will hurt his right ear, and if single, then his left.Wanting to meet with a girl or a woman, a man gives her a corsage, thus expressing their respect.Not far from the gate of the city is the National Museum of Mahdia.There are mostly found antiquities that were discovered by archaeologists during excavations of the nearby countryside, as well as cultural values ​​(jewelry, embroidery, silk-cutting machines, mosaic).

also in close proximity to Skiff El-Kala, located near the old town - Medina.Just st

roll through its narrow streets, will be able to experience the fullness of the local flavor.There are many interesting architectural buildings, cafes and small shops.Medina goes to the seashore, where you can admire the port on a variety of ships, from the boat to the fishing trawler.

Grand Mosque - a symbol of Islamic religion, was built by historical standards very recently, no more than 50 years ago.However, it is the prototype of the eponymous mosque, which stood on this site since the founding of Mahdia and destroyed by Spanish troops in the middle of the 16th century.

addition to historical attractions and monuments to the tourists there is offered a small amusement park that will appeal to children, and the famous "Gold Souk", famous for its jewelery.Also, do not forget that Mehdi - is primarily a fishing port, and then be sure to visit the fish market and taste freshly caught and freshly prepared fish in local coastal cafes.

Tourism and hotels in the resort town of Mahdia

Despite the fact that Mehdi is quite a small town, it's different tourist infrastructure.Most of the hotels located outside the city, in the so-called green zone.Like any other resort, all hotels are different status, "stardom" and the number of services offered.Connections to the City carried out both by means of "tourist" train and taxi.The ratio of the price difference is almost essential.

The Mehdi is not violent and incessant night life that may seem boring and one crazy cheer others.Calm Mehdi, her privacy and remoteness from the noisy city - this is an indisputable advantage for those who want to relax in harmony with nature, themselves and their loved one.

However, Mehdi difficult to get bored.Trips to Tunisia - the capital of the state, to other resorts - Djerba, Monastir, Sousse, Hammamet, you may want to at least meet with the entire country.In addition, you can ride a famous Arabian horses, to take a course of diving in the popular diving center "Le Mahdois" or to try to imagine the healing properties of thalassotherapy.