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Temple of Amon Ra, as well as the rest of the Karnak complex being completed every ruler on your own.The essential role in its creation also belongs to the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, daughter of Thutmose I. In her orders there were delivered two obelisks, one of which stands to this day.Obelisk is a 30-meter-high granite monolith in the form of a red needle pointing upwards.Both were taken to the obelisk on the Nile from Aswan, 200 kilometers from the Karnak and polishing each took about seven months.

Sanctuary Montu at Karnak temple

addition Amon Ra at Karnak were built and other temples, but their size is much smaller.In the north of the central temple of the sun god of the sanctuary located Montu the god of war, and to the south, on the banks of the picturesque artificial lake in the shape of a horseshoe, are three temples dedicated to Amon Ra wife, the goddess Mut.Unfortunately, they are mostly destroyed, but even their ruins are an impressive sight.And finally, in t

he west of the Karnak complex, slightly apart from the other religious buildings, there is a temple built in honor of the moon god Khonsu - son of Amon Ra and Mut.Its construction lasted almost 12 centuries, and was completed only during the reign of Augustus

The entire perimeter of Karnak was once built thick and high wall with several gates, located at a certain distance from each other, leading to different temples complex.One of the gates have been directed towards the Luxor Temple and decorated the whole avenue of sphinxes.Most of these monuments is still underground, but archeological excavations do not stop, and now tourists can admire some of them.

At the beginning of the last century in similar archaeological excavations at Karnak was found a hiding place in which it was discovered several thousand bronze and stone statues, unique masterpieces of Egyptian culture.As it turned out, installed century after century statues at a certain point it was so much that the new rulers simply had no room for the Exaltation of its own monuments, and they decided to vacate the space and themselves sculptors, apparently appreciating his work and the work of his predecessors, created a special hiding placein which folded and "unnecessary" statue


Carnac today

Today Karnak is one of the most visited sites in Egypt and its mandatory include the guided tour on the Nile.There are daily captivating performances, laser shows and other entertainment events, giving the opportunity to plunge into the fabulous and mysterious world of ancient Egypt.In addition, here in abundance souvenir shops selling unique items like handicrafts, and various little things are not produced locally.Thus, in one place you can not only get acquainted with the thousand-year history of the country, but also take a piece of it for a long memory.

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