Crimea: the climatic features, nature, health resorts of Crimea.

Health and Beauty Tourism

Southern Coast of Crimea (SCC) considered the warm part of the Crimean peninsula.Its length from Cape Aiya (Sevastopol) to the ancient volcanic massif Karadag (Pike) is about 150 km.This area is characterized by a Mediterranean climate combined with the clean mountain air.There are growing tropical trees, and local residents grow grapes.Due to the fact that on the South Coast more than 150 days per year the temperature does not drop below +15 ° C, a health resort in the region specialize in treating people with diseases of the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular system.

South Coast resort accommodates two large associations - Big Yalta and Big Alushta.Greater Yalta includes resorts such as Yalta, Alupka, Gurzuf, Foros, etc., a total of 21 urban-type settlement and 9 villages.Every year in the Big Yalta rest over one million tourists.The Big Alushta, in addition to the Alushta, Partenit also includes, Fishing, Privetnoye, Small Lighthouse, Professor's Corner and other

villages and towns.Total length of the Big Alushta - 80 km.

Deleted from the sea, but no less popular central part of the Crimea.Simferopol, Bakhchisarai Falcon - popular tourist destinations.The area is primarily valued historic monuments of civil and times of the Great Patriotic War, the architecture of the Middle Ages, as well as the numerous natural sites.Ghost Valley, Red Cave, Mount Camel, waterfalls Jur-Jur and Raven, canyons and other unique sightseeing tours are available to all who wish to get acquainted with the nature of the Central Crimea.

Crimea: attractions

Crimean peninsula attracts many tourists not only for its sandy beaches, warm sea and healthy air.Many people come here to visit its unique historical and architectural monuments, to experience the local culture and enjoy the modern achievements.

most visited attractions in Crimea are:

  • Alupka Palace (also known as Vorontsov Palace).It was built in the early 19th century as the residence of the Governor-General of Novorossiysk Count Vorontsov.In it, there are about 150 rooms, and he combines Gothic, neo-Gothic and Moorish style.
  • «Swallow's Nest."Architectural building, built on the cliff of Cape Ai-Todor.It resembles a medieval castle.Today, there is an observation deck, a restaurant and souvenir shops.It is a kind of symbol of the South Coast of Crimea.
  • Bakhchisarai Palace Khan-shed.On its territory are located the palace housing the harem, a mosque, gardens and the famous Fountain of Bakhchisarai.
  • Cableway.It connects the village with the Mishor Ai-Petri plateau and up tourists at the height of the bird's flight.From the top station offers scenic views of the coast from Foros to Sudak.
  • «Cave cities."Buildings dating back to 5-7 centuries and which are carved in the rocks premises, which are combined with ground-based facilities.This whole towns, castles and monasteries, created in special places, forming so-called natural fortress.
  • Nikita Botanical Garden.Includes Upper Park, Lower Park, Seaside Park and park Montador.The collection of plants from around the world, more than 30 thousand species.Here grow only in the country of California oak and "iron tree".The garden will impress and each time it is possible to discover something new.

List attractions of the Crimea is almost endless, because for each person something memorable may be that the other did not even notice.Just come here and enjoy all the pleasures of the place yourself, you can really understand what is actually Crimea.

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