Nutrition for muscle.

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According to statistics, women go to gyms is almost twice less than men, but that's good: after a couple of decades ago, regular attendance at training for the majority of the fair sex was something "of the number out. "In turn, one of those women who Gyms still attend, most people think about weight loss and slim figure, but recently, we increasingly hear that women are interested in building muscle.We are not talking about the "hills" and "cubes", they dream of a man, and that the figure for weight loss becomes stronger, relief and flexible, without sagging skin, stretch marks and flabbiness.But regular and intensive training - that's not all: with no particular system of power is unlikely to succeed "sculpt" your body such as would be desirable.

Nutrition for muscle
Photo: nutrition for muscle

Homemade food for growth and muscle-building

known that the muscles do not grow with a shortage of protein, namely the essential amino acids the body they do not synthesize, so you ne

ed to choose food,which a lot of them.The diet should contain approximately 30% of high-grade protein: the reinforced training, the body needs to obtain about 4 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight.

most readily available source of this protein are considered dairy products: whole milk - especially the cow and goat, yogurt, kefir, but more complex rich in protein low-fat cheese and cottage cheese.In the latter the essential amino acids contained in large quantities, and are digested easily, but you can pay attention to the sour cream and low-fat, tucking them in salads, adding porridge of whole grains.

Nutrition for muscle
Photo: nutrition for muscle

Of the meat products is to choose lean beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey.Rich in protein and amateur sausage - it there for more than 12%, but it should be remembered that it is not only the meat and lard: in addition to spices, salt and sugar, it has water, a variety of "E-shki" and many more manufacturersadded starch, cellulose and crushed bones of birds.So it is better to work hard to prepare themselves for the meat in its natural form: it can be stewed, boiled in water and steamed, baked, but in any case not to fry.Just have to do with fish, but it, unlike meat, you should choose a fat, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids: these are different kinds of salmon, sardines, smelt, anchovies, mackerel, tuna and ordinary herring - it is sufficient have 2-4 times a week.A seafood such as crabs, shrimp, squid, etc., Are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Nutrition for muscle
Photo: nutrition for muscle

Because most plant foods are rich in protein legumes - especially soy and lentils, brussels sprouts, spinach, nuts, grains - quinoa, bulgur, buckwheat, etc.But for non-strict vegetarians who want to build muscle, as well as for those who are not very fond of meat and fish, the best source of easily digestible protein are eggs.Of course, there have to their protein - as much as possible: it is so light that the day you can eat up to 10 eggs without the yolk, but with the yolk - only 2 eggs;We should not forget that the norm for a healthy person - 3-7 whole eggs a week.

muscle protein needed but without carbohydrates they too will not be able to grow and strengthen.During power (anaerobic) exercise a lot of glucose is consumed if carbohydrate is not enough, begin to break down proteins;the body to burn fats almost can not - it needs more oxygen.

Carbohydrates should make up 55% of the diet, and not simple - products made with white flour, white grains, sugar and others. - And complicated - sweet fruit, dried fruits, vegetables, dark and unpolished cereals, potatoes, bread and pasta from wholebeans, greens.

Leave the body can not be completely without fat - because of this can disrupt the metabolism and normal muscle growth becomes impossible.Suffice it to 10-15% fat in the diet, but the animals must be less than the plant.This vegetable oils - sunflower, olive, flaxseed and other: it is possible to receive them, not only in free form, but also nuts and seeds.

Nutrition for muscle
Photo: nutrition for muscle

Nutrition for Muscle: mode - this is important

Choose the "right" foods - that's not all.It should be the most competent to make your diet and stick to it, not allowing the "urgent matters" and other disturbances affect your decision.

This does not mean that you should meticulously count every calorie, but there have up to 6 times a day, and breakfast is mandatory - it must contain about 30% of the daily diet.Lunch - 30-35%, dinner - 20-25%, and the rest is distributed between the lunch, afternoon tea and other snacks.Frequent small feedings - important: the body ceases to store fat and glucose will always be missed, and the training will bring the maximum benefit and enjoyment.

diet should be built so that the body gets 300-500 kcal more than the average rate, due to the complex carbohydrates - are and will build muscle in training.Before training for about 1.5-2 hours, it is necessary to eat: steamed vegetables, or porridge, white meat (fish), pasta, cheese.If training is to begin an hour later, it is better to do egg whites, fruit, or drink a protein shake - he learned quickly.After training, you can eat in 30 minutes: need protein and carbohydrates to counteract stress hormones, inhibits muscle growth.However, protein and carbohydrate shake can be prepared at home and take with you to the gym and drink within 10-15 minutes after exercise.

Eat less solid food - it is harder to digest.Cook soups and soups, not thick porridge, vegetable stew and others.

necessary to drink clean water and normal, to 2-2.5 liters per day.Experts believe that the need to drink so much that per kilogram body weight accounted for 30-40 ml of water.Water prevents dehydration of tissues, helps get rid of toxins and fill cells - with a shortage of moisture muscles grow too will not be.In addition, a diet rich in protein may not be the best way to affect health - for example, in the liver and kidneys: a competent drinking regime will help to avoid problems.

Sample homemade menu nutrition muscle

menu should be built, taking into account their individual needs and characteristics of training.

example, breakfast can eat an omelet or cereal - buckwheat, oats, barley;glass of milk, green tea with honey and apple (pear, banana).

Lunch : vegetable soup, a piece of boiled chicken (fish) with vegetables or side dishes, cereal, orange (apple), stewed fruit or tea with honey.

evening : salad, baked fish (chicken, turkey), a little porridge from whole grains, fruit (or fruit juice), tea (juice from the berries).

for lunch and afternoon tea can eat cheese, or cheese, or yogurt;honey, fruit (dried fruits), nuts or oatmeal.Useful dark chocolate - natural, without sugar and a small amount.

At night, drink a glass of milk, yogurt or casein protein containing all the essential amino acids that protect muscle tissue from the effects of stress and from destruction.Casein protein is absorbed well, but slowly;while hunger is suppressed, so it has been successfully used in weight loss.

During intense training the body more dire need of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids: Take high-quality vitamins and minerals and fish oil.