Nutrition for strength training.

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Fitness machines and free weights are often afraid of most of the fair sex: many women think that weight training "take away" their femininity.Suddenly, it becomes wide shoulders, biceps - huge and tender neck - "bull", and then what to do?

Fortunately, all this myths.Strength training for women, if you engage correctly and regularly, will help to make a thin waist, hips and ass - elastic, chest - high, and the arms and legs - strong and beautiful.Is not this the dream of every woman?

food in the strength training
Photo: nutrition during strength training

However, if you decide to seriously engage in strength training for health, strength and beauty, you should also seriously think about their nutrition.Training aimed at building and strengthening the muscles - the body needs for building materials and energy: without this activity will bring little benefit, but can undermine health.Many women have an excellent figure - both in commercials - hidden under thick layers of fat - properly b

alanced meals during strength training will help to release and strengthen its beautiful body.

Trim diet and go on a diet along with weight training can not be: the body first begins to spend protein muscles will stretch, the skin will suffer, but the fat is not going anywhere.Why is that?Because low-calorie diet slows the metabolism: the body decides it is not necessary to consume the fat, and under the influence of stress on the power loads, will store it for future use.

Therefore, in the days of food security activities should be nutritious, but there should be small portions, so as not to overload the internal organs and not to degrade the quality of the training.

food in the strength training
Photo: nutrition during strength training

Nutrition for strength training: Products and muscle mass

to form a healthy and beautiful muscle, the body needs protein and carbohydrates, but not animal fat: butter and fatty meatswith salt and hot spices from the menu is better to remove all.However, meat is an excellent source of protein, and does not abandon it should be, but what about vegetarians?

Do not believe those who say that strength training - not for vegetarians meat on the menu can be successfully replaced by legumes, nuts, cheese and eggs have brown rice;pay attention to the product of the film - most useful cereal, rich in vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals.You can buy it in large supermarkets, in the departments of cereals and healthy food.Vegans also (vegans) have to learn to combine vegetable proteins to be enough to make up for the protein: for example, if you eat lentil soup and a piece of whole-wheat bread, the body will get a set of amino acids necessary for the synthesis of high-grade protein.Other options: beans with brown rice or porridge (grain) corn grits with braised beans.Additionally, you need to eat soy products: soy protein has all the essential amino acids - no "animal" products can safely manage.

Power to weight training for women

menu, it is necessary to include foods that allow the body to produce enough energy during exercise, but the composition of food depends on the time of eating.If, before the occupation remains 2-3 hours, the stomach has time to cope with the task, digesting food protein, fat and fiber;if remains only an hour, choose easily digestible food, such as fruits, "Milk" or egg white.

In the first case, you can eat a vegetable stew, bowl of porridge (oatmeal, brown rice, buckwheat) with chicken (turkey, fish) or pasta from durum wheat, grain bread with cottage cheese.Kashi can eat eggs or dried fruit, and fish or meat - with potatoes.

In the second case, only one egg or yogurt with fruit: milk proteins - an excellent food for the muscles.You can eat a banana and a small amount of oatmeal, but a protein shake is absorbed faster than any food - it can be made from household products.A classic recipe: Mix in a blender with 200 ml of milk, 50 g of cottage cheese, egg boiled eggs, banana, 1 teaspoondirect extraction of olive oil and 1 tablespoonhoney.

food in the strength training
Photo: nutrition during strength training

There is another option, more simple: Mix 1 tspsugar, 1 tablespoonjam, 50 g of powdered milk and 200 ml of yogurt - a composition helps to maintain power long enough.

Nutrition during strength training

In a conventional sense is not necessary: ​​the stomach can rebel, and instead you get a good feel worse.But first of drinking regime - can not deprive the muscles needed moisture.The water should be drunk every 15-20 minutes, even if you do not like - whenever you want, it will be the beginning of dehydration.During training thirst dulled;in adults is rarely speaks about the true state of affairs, so carelessness can lead to problems.If this happens, you will notice the unpleasant symptoms - just two or more: this thirst, severe fatigue and dry mouth, dry mouth, headache, dizziness, irritability and loss of appetite.Training necessary to suspend immediately and drink the water, and then wait until being restored.

immediately before exercise you need to drink a glass of water, and while having a drink slowly: the amount of water depends on how much you sweat - muscles must have enough water in abundance.

Now about the food.Sports drinks with a special recipe are already considered food - they have a balanced mix of carbohydrates and mineral salts.Drink should be if you are doing more than an hour, but you can replace them with freshly squeezed fruit juices - orange juice 1: 1 with water is considered to be the best option.

Meals after strength training - when and what to eat?

for 20 minutes after a workout to eat - it's many surprises.When training for weight loss is usually not recommended there for 1.5-2 hours, and we got used to it, but strength training without timely replenishment of muscle becomes meaningless.To gain muscle mass needs protein and carbohydrates, but only fat hinders their assimilation.Meat should choose low-fat and light - chicken breast, veal, eggs have no yolk and cheese, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese - low-fat.

food in the strength training
Photo: nutrition during strength training

Fish is considered a special product: fat sea fish is not merely possible, but also desirable that it is often present in the normal menu;however, fry it in the oil can not.

Well, if it turns out to eat after a workout in the first hour - the food should be protein;If you get home from the gym to have longer, take it with a sandwich or cheese.However, the power the muscles need to get as soon as possible, so the protein drink (cocktail with juice) to drink in the first minutes after the workout.During the training the body produces hormones that break down muscle tissue and should cause a sharp rise in insulin levels, to neutralize their effects: fast carbohydrates such as dried fruits, honey, jam, juice, sweet fruit will help to do it.

food in the strength training
Photo: nutrition during strength training

Nutrition for strength training - the theme of a large and interesting today, even vegans, do not consume meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are the champions among bodybuilders.This again suggests that properly chosen diet - the most important condition for maintaining overall health, strength and beauty.

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